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Dragon initial tiger 1:35


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This tiger was build strate out of the box, it was the first Dragon kit of there new range I had built, I used Dragons panze riders ( Lorraine 1944), also some tank commander figures out of a D-Day figure set, I also used a valinden base, I added some impact points around the tank. I also used the 2 figures you get with the kit taking photos and some film. It's sort of posed in the Leningrad sector as this is where the initial tigers went.

The kit went together really well and it was hand painted with taymia paints. Dragon have since released the one pice rubber band track, the next tiger I do I will try some metal tracks as they look pretty good.










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Nice work and composition with a realistic grouping of figures.

By way of polite and constructive feedback, I would tone down the exhaust stacks a little bit with some dark washes as the red/rust is a bit OTT considering the tank you are depicting is a (then) 'new' Tiger.


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That's a nice dio Ozzy, the figures & Tiger are well build & painted.

Be careful with mixing kits from different eras though - the Panzerfaust sticks out as incorrect for the Leningrad theatre as do the gaiters over the boots ;)



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