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1/72 Heinkel He-177Z A6/R3 Aalborg April 1945 + Archive photos

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I have just completed a build of a completely...well almost unknown and unusual, Luftwaffe bomber that I thought I'd like to share.

I have placed a link to the full story of what I have found of this amazing aircraft plus some further photos of my beast. I have to admit that it may not be 100% accurate as there are no details available on the He-177Z A6/R3’s that I have been able to find.

Opps forgot these photos;


Heinkel He-177Z A6/R5

This is the start of the brief story of this unusual and amazing bomber, as it full story was just a bit too big for this thread. I hope you enjoy, it was an amazing and rewarding build.

"Of all the Heinkel bombers produced during the Second World War the least documented and most unusual was the little known He-177Z* “Zwilling” project, born out of time where desperate measures were being looked at to help stem the growing flow for Allied conveys coming across the Atlantic. From which produced Ernest Heinkel an ultra long range aircraft of unrivalled abilities. Which if delays, shortages in strategic materials and political interference had not occurred, may have had a dramatic effect in the supply of materials to the UK?

*occasionally referred to in some text as the He-377, recovered documentation shows this designation was never used for this aircraft and was reserved for a project that never left the drawing board"

And yes that is a Rheinmetall BK 5 auto cannon in the starboard nose, that actual fitment of guided weapons cannot be confirmed but they included:

Henschel Hs-293's

Henschel Hs-295's

Henschel GT-1200A

LT 950 T Glider Torpedo

Ruhrstahl X-4 Air to Air missiles (though fitment of these was/is debated)









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Interesting concept, it's almost as if they took all of their very late war designs and put them into one box, 50mm cannon, guided missiles, advanced heavy bomber and probably a very brave pilot and crew! I had never heard of this design but it fits with the other 'zwilling' designs and I can imagine they made one.

I hope i get to see it in the flesh at telford or some other model show as it will deffinately be an eye catcher.


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Excellent job on an amazing looking aeroplane! It seems that as the war situation deteriorated, the Luftwaffe's projects just became more and more bizarre. They even had a "Zwilling" Me-323 that supposedly flew, then promptly fell apart and crashed.



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Had to check the top of the page to make sure this wasn't a What if, super looking model and a great piece of history behind it as well. Someone must of had too much schnappes back in the day,


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opps I forgot to add a couple of archive photos I had.

Thanks for the nice comments, it was a really enjoyable build.

There's even an more epic one in the pipeline.......just need the bench space to build it!

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That looks great Rich, nice work! :) aaand did i spot the mig-21 camo masks? :D It looks amazing anyway and is very interesting, i can see this kind of camo could work pretty good over the northern seas, with the flowing ice here and there.. :)

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Incredible. Not only a great piece of construction but beautifully painted too. Given that it is effectively a twin tail aircraft I do wonder what sort of flex the fuselage would have had without a cross member?

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Hi Rich

Great stuff mate, congratulations for seeing it through to completion, it's an absolute credit to you.

What's next for you ?

Cheers Pat


glad you liked it, was an amazing build, I just loved the entire process.

well I have a few GB's to get through :whistle: plus a couple of side projects. But the wheels are turning...... :wicked:

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