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"Wait for me"!


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Dragon's kit of the mid production Tiger 1 with zimmerit is awesome!

I added a set of metal tracks, and replaced the tow cables with picture wire and the rest

is how Dragon provided!

The model was painted with the Tamiya acrylics.

The crew climbing aboard are from Mini Art and were painted with Humbrol enamels and the

uniform insignia are from Tamiya.

The Tank sits on a Mini Art diorama base which is a vac form.

I added the wooden floor from drink stirrers and chop sticks!

The broken glass was made from microscope slide covers.

The commander is firing his flare pistol to mobilise the tank unit.

His crew are climbing on and into their vehicle, but one crewman is a bit slow getting on, shouting;

"Wait for me!"


jpg images


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pc screenshot

These shots were taken against the sky:


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click image upload

Thanks for looking :)

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flippin brilliant and full of movement' it really works.

cheers oz!.

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Fantastic, really tells a story,brilliant modelling and the photos are great to, especially the one against the sky, superb


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The angles on you photos are really good, the mini art base work well with the tiger. And the figures poses look good, it's given me some ideas for my dragon late tiger in my stash, it will give me a chance to use my AFV club Zimmermit roller.

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