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What a joy of a build. Went together with very little filler and the decal were a treat. They settled into detail and panel lines without the need for setting solution! Paint was Tamiya overall with Alclad Klear to knock everything back to a uniform sheen.













Thanks for looking.

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really really lovely job ,,love the display stand ... thanks for sharing :)

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Very nice build, I was tempted to buy one of these the other day and I already have the dutch orange and black display model which I hope turns out as nice as this. I was glad to hear that the decals fit very well, I quite like this display scheme it's very impressive.


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Nice build, I love the Solo Turk, got this kit today. Disappointed to see black plastic but I guess that was to be expected, looks good otherwise and the decals look very smart.

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I haven't come across any blue colors on Solo Türk. Could you please point a reference picture?

Thanks guys. blue stripes are decals

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