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Master Box 1/72 Mk.1 Female - Completed

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I was tempted to venture into WWI aircraft for the first time, until this caught my eye and the potential for weathering was too much to resist. :) It'll be OOB. (I have drilled the gun barrels out though...)






They have managed to etch the grill with a very realistic 3D weave, I can't wait to shade and dry brush it!


After an hour and a half...


:o It goes together well!

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It's a lovely kit :) It needs a bit of fettling to get a good fit on the sponson roofs and the main spring part was slightly bent on the sprue (you can see it in the photos) but I'll bend that out later.

Another hour with this one and I'm here...




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Thanks guys :)

The tracks were a dream to fit, plastic + CA + rubber tracks = EASY! I have done a tiny bit of scratch building, I wasn't happy with the kit towing bracket so I replaced it with two bits of 10 thou and a bent piece of rod.





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That cotton bud has just put the whole thing in perspective wow that's tiny

To give it some scale...


As for tiny, my usual AFV scale is 1/100 so this is a bit of a giant in comparison :P I just love these tiny kits to work on, here's Zvezda's Dingo Mk1 with a corrected front end and scratch built lights, tow hooks, lifting eyelets, tail light & horn :mental: I need help...


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I've started painting the little beast and I've decided to go down the "artistic licence" route with the camouflage pattern. Having searched through lots of websites and forums, there are so many differing opinions on patterns and colours used that I could spend weeks trying to nail down an exact match to a single tank. Therefore, I'm going to loosely base the pattern on a photo of I found of a Male tank with partial black outlines over a small pattern. As for colour, I'm mixing my own and trying to compensate for scale and any filters and post shading I'll be doing.




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Looking very good indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing the weathering - please make sure you explain how you do it, it's not one of my strong points!


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