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1/32 HK B-25 Glass Nose - Reissue Oct 2014

Silverstone 2

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Anyone who missed the HK's B-25 Mitchell "Glass Nose" ?

Will be pleased to know that they are reissuing this kit in October according to their website hk-models.de

Google can do a translation into English on this site also.

Great News :D especially for me because I got a real itch to build this and the glass nose is the one I wanted before :banghead:


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Absolutely, I know what you mean, size and storage is an issue.

I've still got the 1/32 B-17G, Ju-88 A4, He-219 and He-111 still to build.

But no too much of a problem as there are some collectors I know, I can move them on to. Although the 1/32 B-17G "Sally B" might stay?

Just addicted to 1/32 WW2 aircraft......The HK Lancaster is a must too :banghead:

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