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Done with #1 - KV1 Trumpeter KV-1

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Trumpeter KV-1, Tamiya Acrylics, mineral spirit oil wash with no-name oil pigments.
Turret #2 is a fictive designation, I wanted to see if I could avoid silvering under the decal using techniques explained here.





So this is my first finished kit since 1976.
It is a learning exercise, but so far I enjoy the ride :)
My #1 lesson learnt is to get the build and finishing sequence right. Sub assemblies, rust, scratches, dry brushing color modulation, washes etc.

My #2 - if your last step is an oil wash - buy good quality pigments!

Still learning "!how to operate a camera" and a new lens - not meant as an excuse :) - just the way things are atm...

Happy Modelling!


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Well - Thank you fredben :)

Next one up is the Trumpeter Sturer Emil in a fictive "Tropen" scheme.

Happy Modelling


Welcome back from your hiatus Zack.

KV1 to Sturer Emil :hmmm: a quantum jump but a great kit.

The Trumpeter KV's are kits that we recommend to all new/returning modellers as they are so straight forward in their build.

Take your time with Emil, he's a newer kit and a step up from the KV but based on what you've just done, you'll be fine.

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