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EDIT JUNE 2018 - To see pictures please google sternail. Any pictures of the ship in a garden are of this build.

There is also a photoshopped image of the ship with clouds in the background. Yeah, thanks Photobrokit. Pete



And there's more!

This one I built about a year ago, I think.

There are, In the Ma.k universe, Two types of Sternail.

Both Space going and operated by the opposing sides.

One is large & grey, The other smaller & white (usually)

So far as I know, there are only a few of these around.

The small white one can be had as a garage kit (I think)

But this one has to be scratchbuilt, using the few bits of

information on the net. It ended up at 65cm long.

So, This is a 1/35th scale, Single seat spaceship (The door is on

the left side. Yes, those are Russian tank turrets at the back.

This is as close as I could get to the original by Kow Yokoyama.

The other models aren't armed, But I built this for my mate John

and he wanted missiles. Now, Ma.k is part styled on WW2 Germany.

(Markings, some shapes etc) So, Based on the Rucksetz? used by the

Luftwaffe to add weapons to say, Fw190's, I 'bolted on' a couple

of homemade ones. Actually a modded blue steel & a TSR2 missile!

Pictures are by Johns wife, Maria. Many thanks.

(Photobucket wouldn't do all of them to 640x480 for some reason?)







The basic frame is model boat type wooden strips. Add a 1/48th F15, The Turrets, Drop tank halves

for the hump, Various other bits, LOTS of filler & plasticard and hours of rubbing down & painting.

Markings are a deaths head near the bow, Then a German Tornado sqn badge. the blue & white

stripes are because John is a Scot.

As always, Comments are welcome.


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Thank you.

I'll go through the other pictures and see

if there are any better close ups.

I forgot to say, Basic paint is Halfords grey primer

with various shades of drybrushing.

The solar panels/sails swivel & are removable.

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Excellent! I really like the big Ma.K space stuff (which seems less popular than the suits). You did a great job of fairing-in all the lumps and bumps.


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Thanks Guys.

This was one of those can't put down builds.

I was even planning things as I fell asleep at night.

And overnight my fingerprints seemed to grow back again

after all that rubbing down.

I did have In progress pics, But they were taken with

an old camera and are mostly out of focus!

I have seen a smaller example of this Sternail in a pic from a

Japanese trade fair. It may be a resin moulding or a garage

kit, I don't know. Scale was hard to judge but possibly 1/72nd.

Found some more pics, You may see the door more clearly, And a closer

picture of the missile cradle. The 'Pylons' are bumpers from 1/24th police cars.

I also found a pic of the 'other' (white) Sternail. Used for illustrative purposes only.




I'd also like to get a hold of one of these. I like the weathering on this one.

Thanks for looking.


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Basic story, In the 80's a Japanese artist called

Kow Yokoyama liked WW2 Luftwaffe & Sci Fi.

He combined the two in model form. It spread

to Manga comics & then model kits by Nitto.

800 years in the future, War again breaks out on Earth.

If you have a look at starshipmodeler.com,

Select Genre & then Ma.k, All is explained.

It's a good, safe site & has plenty of pics/links

of the other kreiger stuff, though they may

be a little out of date by now as the modellers

have moved on to other stuff.

There are kits on ebay but they tend to be pricey.

Hobby link japan also sell them on line.

Or, Go with the flow & scratchbuild.


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That is one awesome looking ship Pete! I had no idea theses ships even existed until now. Beautifully painted too. Weathering is spot on as far as I can tell.

Looking forward to seeing more of your Ma.K builds


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Thank you.

Of course there is the school of thought that

Spaceships shouldn't be weathered.

But how boring would that be?

I do have more to show.

Not strictly speaking kreiger as they

are not official kits, but scratchbuilds.

More kreigerish. i.e. of that genre.

They'll be along presently.

Just checked. I've lost all my early photo's.

I thought they were on a stick. Drat!

I'll have to retake them tomorrow when

the light is good. Too late today.


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Love this! Has a real nasty looking, mean, but somehow natural/alive look to it. Awesome paintjob too congrats!

Imo most things in space would be weatherd. Apart from Solar & cosmic dust damage, space would be full of junk if we were in it. look at the mess weve made of our seas/planet, even our satelites have poluted near space with masses of junk. Add to that the lawless vastness of space, most ships will be fighting and when you blow up a ship it explodes and dumps fluids and bits all over your ship or in space for someone else to run into.

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Just checked out the photos on PB. That is a very well built model.

If I came across it in space, I am not sure I would approach it. Without any obvious windows it gives that 'cloak and dagger' look about it.


As they say, if it stirs emotions within a person it is a great piece of art.

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