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When: from 00:01am on Saturday the 20th of August to 23:59pm on the Sunday 25th of December 2016. Both times are GMT I believe!? I live in GMT +2... Read: 20.8.-18.12.2016

Hosts: Vppelt68 and ThePureness, we'll be here to provide guidance and support for each entry and of course we will be participating.

WIP thread: All builds must have a work in progress thread.

Multiple builds in one thread: Allowed, but not recommended, because the more the merrier

No trading: Any parts/decals/kits etc that you want to buy or sell MUST be posted in the Buy/Sell area only, not here in the GB forum.

No ready-mades: Entries must be under 25% complete. If there's any doubt, get in touch with one of us or post in the GB chat thread.

Poll: There will be a poll when the GB concludes for all the completed models. Please don't canvas for votes.


EDIT: There will NOT be a poll as the prize builds will be chosen by our generous sponsor, Jadlam models. They deserve the honour to do that :D!


Eligible builds: Anything that was used in or supporting operations of war from 1.9.1939 to 8.5.1945 below the Alps and above the equator, from the Gibraltar to Iraq, sea, air or land, all scales and materials.

Recommended aspects: Having fun!

Regards, V-P

list of interested by 10.1.16 is:

1) vppelt68 (host)

2) Mish

3) Black Knight

4) Mitch K

5) Arniec

6) Peter Marshall

7) Giorgio N

8) fatfingers

9) trickyrich

10) Shermaniac

11) woody37

12) thepureness (co-host)


14) S48

15) Blastvader

16) tonyot

17) stevehnz

18) Kallisti

19) bobster

20) VG33

21) thueser

22) mottlemaster

23) PlaStix

24) modelling minion

25) Jimbobtheflimbob

26) Erwin

27) old thumper

28) Sean

29) whitestar12chris

30) bubbasparksuk

31) charlie_c67

32) franky boy

33) rob85

34) theplasticsurgeon


36) Stew Dapple

37) Ettore

38) JimmyZ

39) wimbledon99

40) mhaselden

41) Knight_Flyer

42) Black Knight

43) robw_uk

44) TPReggie

45) Ozzy

46) Foxbat

47) Prenton

48) jrlx

49) fatfingers

50) Joss

51) Robert Stuart

52) paganpete

53) Ilking


55) Sgt.Squarehead

56) ...

Regards, V-P

Edited by vppelt68
End date updated to 25th December, no poll- corrected
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Edited the original post to start a list of interested, but needed to add a reply too to get the topic "bumped". This could be a GB that suits many a modellers needs and interests, like Mish already mentioned. Anything that was used in or supporting operations of war from 1.9.1939 to 8.5.1945 below the Alps and above the equator, from the Gibraltar to Palestine, sea, air or land, all scales and materials, you´re welcome! V-P

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I'm a bit surprised that this is not attracting many interested parties as the number of potential good subjects is huge.

Speaking of aircrafts only as these are what I build, I can think of the 112 Sqn. sharkmouthed P-40s and Mustangs, the Tuskegee Airmen red tailed Mustangs, the many aircrafts of Wg. Cdr. Warburton, the Swordfish used in the attack on Taranto, the Seafires covering the landings at Salerno, the many types used in operation Torch, the brasilian Thunderbolts, the Free French Lightnings, the Hurricanes used over Greece and in the desert, the first combat use of USAF jets with the P-80, the last RAF Gladiators...

And on the axis side, Mairselle's Bf.109, the Italian SM.79 torpedo bombers, all those smoke-rings camouflaged Macchis, the famous snake decorated desert Stukas, the Vichy French units with those wild red/yellow stripes, the Ar.234 used in Northern Italy, the Fw.190 of SG.4...

Many of these subjects have been among everybody's favourites, I'm sure there must be someone else interested in building one as part of a full GB !

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The subjects in deed are a plenty. Add the Italian and British warships (and USS Wasp), merchies, the wheely and thready things on the ground and all the barrelly stuff that barks. But plenty seem to be the proposed GB themes too, and I´m one of those who are a bit frightened (?) at how far ahead must single type group builds already be planned, and how many interesting themes are already going in a vote for 2015. So, I'm more than willing to let this mature for 2016, or 2017. But keep signing in if you´re interested! V-P

Edited by vppelt68
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Ahh just seen this and you can sign me up for this - I've still got a Spitfire Vb Trop to build in my "Aircraft my Father Fixed" project from the time he was in 81 Sqn in Operation Torch in Algeria early in 1943. I did start a build for that last year taking the 1:32 HobbyBoss Vb Trop and replacing the wings to make a Vc Trop but made a right balls up of the wings so it got put to one side. I've since picked up a nice cheap replacement kit which will be built to Vb Trop standard as 81 Sqn at that time were flying both versions, with the Vbs later replaced by IX which I've already built.

For a Vc I've got a 1:48 kit I can build up for that, I could even include that in the GB if time allows.

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