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Just one word.


Congratulations you made a very impressive model

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I saw it on your Facebook page last night Artur, what a beauty. After all the fuss made about the Eduard Gustav you have shown it will still turn heads.

I was going to be starting a Hasegawa 1/48 109F this morning (a rare foray out from the one true scale) but I'll just sit and look at this instead!


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Lovely Arkady...again. Did you make any corrections to the built kit at all?

No, kit it's perfect and resin engine fit also very good.

Didnt think that machine had the trop-filter tho :) Looks good anyways ofc :)

Firstly I wanted to paint red 13, thats why is filter. Unfortunately then I've been forced to do version without gun pods.

Thanks for kind words!

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not much for ww2 aircraft BUT! that is superb :wow: , you really caught the spirit of the aircraft there. well done M8, now only wish mine would look that real :unsure:

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