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Ticking along nicely Brian, those Mirages look very nice, just watch the guy on the bike doesn't take a tumble

over that engine someone left lying about. A definite H&E nightmare!


Cheers Sean,

Yes, better remove it,......... where there's blame there's claim.....or so they say!


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Just a bit of sidetrack.

Going through my late fathers photos I came across a group photo taken probably circa late 1941 - early 1942.

2nd front right from prop appears to be CR Caldwell, an Australian ACE Pilot who I think commanded RAF 112 squadron P-40 Kittyhawks. My best guess is that it is a group photo of them accepting New Kittyhawks prior to squadron despatch ie the lack of "Sharkmouth"

The model is a Tomahawk which Caldwell flew, 250 Squadron I think prior to commanding 112 squadron.


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