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French Navy fonts

Gustavo Bunger

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Someone knows if I can find (and where) the French Navy aircraft fonts ?

I need to print some decals of Super Etrendard Modernise for a event, so if exists a font file, or even a draw with the letters, will accelerate the process.






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Not a font, at least not in the way you're thinking of a font. The "SUPER ETENDARD" lettering is similar to, but not identical to, DIN 1451 Mittelschrift. The "S" is very different.

You'll have to draw the rest, but they're a very simple variation of regular 45 degree cornered lettering such as the Amarillo USAF font.

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Hi Jenning, you helped me a lot !

I started to draw the rest, but the knowing of Amarillo font will save my time, as a start to work.

I bought a decal sheet with all letters and numbers in 1/72 scale for Etendard from Hannants, but the order is not here yet. <_<

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