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Hello everyone.

Something different from me again. Found this kit on a car boot sale and bought it for couple quid. Now finally decided to build it.
It's a nice easy kit to assemble. The harder part starts when it comes to painting it. I had couple ideas for it but decided to make it chrome finished. Everything was smooth and great:


Of course I have used Alclad2 chrome, and finally after few tries I was really happy with the effect as you can see. Unfortunately I wasn't happy with the gloss level and decided to go for some clear laquer from halfords. Decided to use Enamel Spray Paint, blue can. Tested it on some old plastic parts and it was just perfect. But when I sprayed Porsche with it.. Well, all the magic that comes with Alclad disappeared leaving the model with a high glossy graphite metallic finishclear.png Still not too bad, but not what I wanted to achieve. I guess I should first spray it with some Pledge to secure alclad with acrylic and then use enamel laquer. I couldn't wash it off, as it was quite a thick layer and it will probably ruin the whole model.

Anyways it still looks suprisingly goodclear.png It's more glossy then it appears on pictures (well, on some you can see it).

I had a lot of problems with decals. The kit was 17 years old and It took 2-3 minutes in the water before decals were moving on the decal sheet. Then they were really fragile and even with a soft brush they were falling apart. Lucky enough I have a lot of Set and sol, that helped.
Inside on one of the pictures you can see carpets made with a grass flock, then painted red. I think it does the trick and imitate the carpets quite well.

No more talking.




















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Looks really great - and Alclad is a pig to clear coat.
NOTHING seems to work on it.
Even good old 'Klear' takes the chrome away.
I gave up using Alclad long ago. Now I huse Halfords gloss black with a mist-coat of Halfords chrome.

Almost as good as Alclad and far less bother.

However.... A lovely result, and yes, better looking than chrome.


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Yes, agreed-don't clear the chrome Alclad finish. I have found that the non-chromes (aluminums and magnesium) can be handled very well with no transfer-provided you give them a couple of days dry time. My Rolls engine has survived huge amount of handling while I add the details on the painted parts.

Best plan is to first, have a cabinet or case ready for display. Build and paint the model; then transfer to the display case immediately after completion. If you must handle the chrome finish for assembly, wear cotton hobby gloves. But don't clear.

Then there is this; Kosutte Gin San. Superior 'chrome' to Alclad but with the caveats of handling and clearing. Although I have read that some clears work well with it.

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Personally I have used alclad chrome with alclad aqua gloss and the finish isn't half bad just what i have found is that you need to leave the chrome to dry for around a week then wipe it really gently with a really soft cotton type cloth, i use zero paints polish cloths as they are super soft, then on a lowish pressure mist on about 10 costs of aqua gloss and it's fine

But 8 have heard somewhere that it does dull down after a year or so


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Very nice indeed. Original chrome finish looked pretty impressive - very bling! Perhaps more Veyron than Boxster. :)

Incidentally, are the wheels on the yellow car in the box art included in the kit too?



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i quite like the finish, looks like a proper production car paint job. as an alternative to alclad you could use c1 buffing metalizer powder. i used it on a mclaren and it was ok.

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Well, I didn't know that Alclad doesn't like anything on itself. That's a lesson for the future. Can I varnish any of these metalizer powders? I have a Mig 21 in stash and wanted to use aluminium Alclad but now I'm scared!

@Kirk: there is yellow set of wheels in the kit as well, but I find those more attractive tbh.

Thanks for all comments.

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I didnt varnish mine. It remains to be seen if the finish will degrade over time. I am sure that there was a sealer for a different brand of metalizer. Ill try it on a scrap model and see if its works.

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The paint job looks awesome! It's great when you get a nice side effect from a mishap.

Every time I see one of these cars I seem to get this urge to want to get my hair though... ;)


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