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Stug IV *Figures and base added*

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This is Tamiya's old Stug IV.
I replaced the kit's armoured skirts with thinner ones made from plastic card and replaced
the tools with better detailed items from the spares box.
The tracks are the kit's rubber band ones.
Tamiya acrylics were used for the paint scheme, and the mud is weathering pigments mixed with PVA.
The figure is a Dragon one, also from the spares box.

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Thanks for looking :)

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brilliant!!' great surface texture and the weathering is spot on.

regards oz!.

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I dug out a couple of other Dragon figures from the spares box,and I added the Stug to a base, which i

made from expanded polystyrene covered in polyfilla.

Drink stirrers and kebab skewers simulate the wooden platform, with other bits and pieces from the spares supplies.


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Thanks for looking again :)

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That's brilliant. A really effective scene, and not overdone.

The lighting, background and camera angles are great! Early morning on a crisp winters day...


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I really love this ..... a lot!!!!!!

The weathering is so perfect for the scene and is very skilfully executed (getting the weathering to look realistic ain't easy is it?) - the amount of mud on the armour plates is spot on, given that so many AFV modellers nowadays seem to completely overdo it and don't know when to stop!!!

I love the way you have done the concrete armoured bits (or is that how it comes OOB?), I love the shell damage and deep scratches on the armour plates and also the sooty exhaust staining - all perfect!! You have clearly thought about your weathering and how it would look in reality and it definitely shows in the finished model.The base is excellent too - simple but it tells the story perfectly and I completely concur with the comment above about it looking like a crisp, early morning in winter, that's exactly how I see it too!!

Stunningly perfect build sir and I'm so pleased you decided to share your work with us - very much appreciated!! Thank you!!


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Thank you all very much for all your kind comments, I greatly appreciate them :)

The Tamiya kit is quite old, and a bit rough in places when compared to newer kits, but

it has some nice features, such as the concrete armour with a very nice textured finish.

The whole project was good fun, which is what its all about!

Many thanks again guys :) :)

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I'm not really one for tanks, but this is a superb dio, everything looks as it should, and the blue sky and shadows really add to the whole scene.

Very, very nice


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