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1.72 Airfix Canberra (new tool)

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This project was started about 1 1/2 yrs ago. After two days I became disenchanted with the kit and it has been sitting in a box until three days ago. All of a sudden everything made sense and "clicked". I found the build enjoyable. All decals are from the kit. It is painted in MM Metalizer Aluminum Plate. Hand buffed and sealed with Future. It represents an SAAF bird.

I would like to thank those that offered assistance in the beginning of this project. You know who you are.





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Looking very nice!

I managed to pick up one of the Revell re-box ones the other day for £5 at a model show, too bad it's an old tooling though but it was worth a buy and seeing yours makes me want to start it!

I've noticed yours has a clear nose, was that for reconnaissance?


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Very nice indeed,.....I have a part built one languishing in a box somewhere too!



So do I, maybe this is the inspiration we are all looking for? Very nicely done.

Duncan B

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