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UH-1 Huey medevac Italeri 1/48

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This is one of the worst kits I have ever done. Nothing fits together nicely.

I complicated it even more with CMK resin sets for engine and interior. Those are nice sets, but still incorrect and some major surgery is required to fit them into the kit parts.

I am relatively happy with the final result, but there are many things that could be improved.


You can find WIP here:












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If you hadn't told, I wouldn't have known! And even with your comments about the kit's imperfections, to me the finished model looks like a bona fide Huey!!! And a great one at that!



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That is a real work of art, showing no signs of a troublesome build, it looks like a Tamya kit!

(As an aside, if you haven't ever read 'Chickenhawk' by Robert Mason I thoroghly reccommend it. It's about flying Hueys in Vietnam and is one of my all time favourite books).



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The Huey looks excellent and the figures help create an evoctive scene. Full marks!

Incidentally, do heed Viking's advice and read Robert Mason's Chickenhawk. It's one of the best, if not the best, biographical books on war in general and flying Hueys in particular, that I've ever read (and re-read).

Kind regards,


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Having built the 1/72 version, I feel your pain, nevertheless, yours has out turned great, and a wonderful dio as well


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Brilliant, lovely smooth paint. If that's a difficult model i would like to see one your easy ones. Well done, cheers , Lindan.

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