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All done. I went with no ladder because it didn't really fit properly.

Kit: 1/48 Airfix F1/F1A/F3 Boxing from a long time ago

Decals: Aero(error)master and Barracuda Studios (Stencils)


Aires Cockpit - for the F2/F6. A waste of time because you can see anything

Aires Exhausts - Drop fit, beautiful detail

CMK Wheels and Undercarriage - another waste of time as my set had a lot of broken parts and a inaccuracies (like 2 left wheels)

Two Mikes Blank - This proved more difficult to get a good finish upon then I expected. Still it looks good

Eduard PE - Well worth the investment for this kit IMHO

Hobby decal Pitot probe - again worth the investment

Quickboost seat - Great detail , although I wonder about it's accuracy. Thankfully it fits in the Aires Tub because t doesn't fit in the stock kit


Tamiya AS 12 decanted and sprayed through the airbrush. IIMHO the only solution for a BMF as it's so forgiving

Various Alcald shades to tint the AS12 and pick out panels. Chrome was used for the nose ring.

Tamiya Gloss Red, NATO Black and Mr Color Interior Green (nose cone)

Tamiya Semi Gloss for the final coat.

Onto the photos










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Oh, very nice work. You can never have enough Lightnings.


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A pleasure to look at. Super neet, good painting,photography the lot! Takes me back to 16 ship formations. Very many thanks, Lindan. :goodjob:

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