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AH-64D Longbow Apache "100 Years Military Aviation" - Revell 1:48


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AH-64D Longbow Apache "100 Years Military Aviation"

Revell 1:48


The AH-64 Apache was developed from the US Army's Advanced Attack Helicopter programme in the early 1970s. This stemmed from The US Army need to fill its anti armour role, following the cancellation of the AH-65 Cheyenne programme. This was designed to find the replacement for the AH-1 Cobra. Hughes Helicopters developed their Model 77 which became the YAH-64.

The YAH-64 first flew in 1977. It features a nose mounted sensor suite containing targeting sensors and night vision equipment. A 30mm chain gun was carried under the forward fuselage and stub wing pylons provided four hard points for carrying AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and unguided rocket pods. The helicopter was introduced into US Army service in 1986.

The AH-64D or Longbow Apache identified by the Longbow radar system carried on the mast head entered service in 1996. This was produced now by Boeing as they had acquired McDonnell Douglas, who themselves had acquired Hughes. The US Army is the primary user of the AH-64. Other users are Greece, Japan, Israel, Singapore and the Netherlands. The AH-64 is produced under licence in the UK by AgustaWestland as the AH1. The Royal Netherland Air Force acquired its Apaches in 1995 after it won their competition against the Eurocopter Tiger and the AH-1 Super Cobra. They now have 30 airframes which have seen use in Djibouti, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. One of their Apaches is used in a demonstration role and carries and attractive paint scheme for this.

The Kit
The Kit is the old Monogram kit, which dates back to 1986. You get the AH-64A kit along with a new sprue for the D model parts. The kit is typical of the period. The parts though are well cast and there is little flash evident. The kits is 3 sprues of grey plastic which form the basis of the original kit, and one sprue in a light grey plastic which supplies the D model parts. The new parts also have the distinctive mast head radar, whilst not used in this boxing it does mean a normal Longbow Apache can be made if you can source the decals.


Construction starts shockingly enough with the cockpit. Controls are added along with instrument consoles and seats. Two pilot figures are supplied if the modeller wishes to use them. Construction then moves to the starboard fuselage half. The parts for the tail rotor attachment are installed. Following this the main rotor is built up and installed onto the decking which forms the back of the cockpit area (though I suspect most will leave this off until the end). Once this is complete the two fuselage halves can be assembled after taking care to open up the holes where needed.


The next stage is to make up the engine pods and stub wings for both sides and attach them. The stubs wings interlock with each other to form a stronger joint. Following this the D model parts are added to the fuselage. They form the underside and side avionics pods. The landing gear is assembled and added along with the weapons pylons on the stub wings. Next you get to assemble and add the chain gun, sensor turret and tail wheel.


Finally a variety of grab handles, external fuselage parts and the canopy are added. It should be mentioned that a lot of the external fuselage fixings must only be placed on after the decals are applied otherwise you will not get the decals on! The instructions then show putting additional details onto the main rotor, then installing it; strange as much earlier on in the instructions you have already put this on!! I suspect the earlier step is a mistake and they have not removed this from the A model instructions. A good reason to read the instructions through first :)


The canopy is clear and molded with no flaws. It can be posed open or closed as needed.


The decals are the star of this release from Revell. The decals have been designed by Syhart and printed in Italy. The modeller will have to paint base Olive drab at the front of the helo, and the grey on the rear; along with the moving tail. The rest of the markings are provided on the extensive decal sheet. All of the printing looks good, and no register issues can be seen.


This should make upto a good looking model of the special marked Dutch Apache. Recommended if you want a bit of colour.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.

For further information visit logo-revell-2009.gif

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I have built this kit but the British version. Though not a modern mold like some others the basic Monogram kit for the A is good but building a D takes some work. It could have been me but the fit between the old Monogram kit and the newer Revell add on parts is poor. You get the newer D instrument panel but I was let down by the poor representation of the real thing. It can be built into a good model don't get me wrong but it does take a bit of work.

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Since the flares used for the display are in the AMASE pods Q-17 (or 'Hawk1' as it's also called) will always fly the displays with them, so it's a shame they are not included.

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It is a shame but these parts were not on the original AH-64A kit or on the D model sprue either. I would say not financially viable for Revel to include this part for this release, and let be honest 99% of people who buy it wont notice.

For the retail price here in the UK its still a good value for money kit and I doubt Revell would get the money back to tool this part.


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It's not really a surprise but it is a shame. The Hasegawa 1/48 RNLAF AH-64D does have the AMASE pods included by the way.

But then its an extra £30 more than the revel kit!
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