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A new Lavochkin La-11 and la-9 in 1/48 from MikroMir


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Never heard of MikroMir. Do they have a track record?

They are a Ukrainian company - i've built a few of their 1/350 scale subs and was well chuffed with them.

They are typically limited run - but well designed and they make up into accurate replicas.....

Here's their USSThresher.......




USS Nautilus.....




Finished model.....


I haven't made any of their aircraft - but I expect the quality to be the same.


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very good news if they are accurate!

The Scale Bureau kits of these looked great, but are a bit pricey....

A quick search has a ebay seller in the Ukraine with them for $31, [approx £18.30]


Look forward to finding out more about these :)

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I get a virus alert when I click to the pictures.

Is there any "official" shop? Strange it's not on MikroMir's Website

EDIT: Hannant's have the UT-1 series, so I'll wait...

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Is there any chance for those late Lavochkins in 144th scale? BTW - any news on Yak-23 in the same scale? I have seen this Yak as a one of the future production items in your catalogue.

Regards, Marek

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