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The Correct Green for Cold War Italian Aircraft


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We've all been there with our mental colour cards trying to figure out which is the correct green, peering at every conceivable book and internet resource. Even blindly following the recommendations of a bloke you ever met or heard of before. Painting strips of slightly different shades of green again and again slowly becoming mad and even more unsure of your choice. So after my little rant which Tamiya XF- green is the correct one or nearest to an Italian camo Panavia Tornado from the 80's. Hopefully one of you Tonka boys will help me out. thanks, Wayne

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Italian Air Force aircrafts went through a bit of changes during the cold war, and although the scheme was always green/grey with painted aluminum undersurfaces, the green changed sometime in the '70s.

For a Tornado you want a colour called "Verde Scuro Opaco 28" (flat dark green 28). This is an olive green but to be honest I can't think of any Tamiya paint that would work straight from the bottle. Their XF62 is sometimes given as equivalent to FS 34086, the green that is closest to the Italian colour, however having used this colour before I don't think it's right.

Lifecolor has the right paint as UA106, if you are fine with these paints it's probably the best options without having to mix paints.

Alternatively you can use the technique I used on a couple of models before finding this paint: paint the green areas with a dark green like tamiya XF58. Then pass thin layers of a darker and browner green. In this way it's possible to reproduce well the Italian colour, as this tends to be quite brown when new but then fades more into a green

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