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Blohm und Voss BV.141

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Well, I was talking to my mate Chris yesterday and the subject of the BV 141 came up, with Chris saying he'd quite like a 1:48 one, shame there isn't one.

Aha, I said, I think about 12 -15 years ago I built one. An HiPM kit if I remember correctly, It's in a box somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.

So here is an 'oldie' from my collection, built somewhere around the year 2000. As I remember the cockpit 'nacelle' halves were moulded in clear plastic, and there was a fair bit of resin & etch in the kit.

So this is what I found, still undamged after all these years;







It's a big ol' bird, Fw-190 for comparison;


Odd looking thing isn't it :mental:



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You clearly have a good storage technique! I remember the HiPM kit, from my "first time" as a modeller :)

Crew nacelle is chin-strokingly similar to a Fw189 centre-section

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Yes Neil, but he's a good mate. :tease:

Well I was going to say what a great job you have done John and thank you for going to the trouble of digging this one out for my benefit. However!!!!!


PS. It is an ugly looking thing.

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Evening John

I'm not sure which is most impressive the model or the fact it has survived storage so well !

Really well finished, pity no one else has built this kit in the same size.

Cheers Pat

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