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Floaty boats.

Well, That's the term I use.

Imagine a world where the Anti gravity engine has been discovered.

You need to transport goods (No roads? Seas dried up?)

The only craftsmen are boat builders. So....

There are kits available, Have a look at the Remora build on this thread.

But, I thought I'd have a go myself.

This is my first In prog on here with pics, So be gentle with me.


Hopefully this is a picture of the basic hull, With the base below. Yes, It was under a birthday cake.


Next we have the hull clad with plastic card (superglued to the wood) and about 250+ dressmakers pins

cutdown & superglued into drilled holes. The card was lightly scored so it followed the contours.


This was a Boss Orange aftershave container. Now an Oil tank (Probably)


And in place. I forgot to say the scale is 1/35th. The figure is italeri.


Leaping about in time here, But here is the completed base. Note the two holes in the front face.


The bare hull 'Floating' by the dock.


And here is how. rememeber those holes? Add perspex rod and voila!


And it eventually got painted


Remember Firefly. Loved it, But that engine? Well what does an anti grav engine look like?


And then painted & in place


The thrusters were 1/24th Formula one car wheels at one point in their lives.


The wheelhouse roof.


And I think I'll leave it there. The build is more advanced now.

I'll see if you like it before I post more! Comments welcome.

Thanks for looking.


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Nice job Pete! I like the paint job, and the use of mixed materials and nice textures. Is this your own design, or is it a kit? Keep up the good work, lets see more photos!

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Thank you, Guys.

It's not a kit. I had a boxfull of wood from a mate

who used to build wooden sailing boats.

I saw the Remora Build on here & he has further

links to other similar builds and artwork.

This has been one of those builds where I can't wait to

get back from work, I plan it as I fall asleep, It delays meals!

Much more fun than building from the box.

How about a Crane to empty the hold?


As you can see it's wood, Card & tank bits.


Painted & installed


The hullpaint got weathered. The blue thing is the engine air intake filters (Obviously)


And I built a nice wonky frame for an awning to keep things cool down aft.


More later, they're still on the camera!



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Thanks again.

This photobucket does take up some time, But

I did get a couple more done for you.

The awning. Kleenex tissue, draped over the frame

and lightly coated wih diluted white glue.

Later painted in thin Humbrol so it's sunbleached.



I thought the wheelhouse roof deserved another look.

Parts are from all over. The A/C system was part of a tank,

plus a bit of 1/24th wheel. The generator fan from a submarine.

The beacon support is an axle from the Airfix 1/32 racing Jaguar.


And, lastly for today, The motley crew. Origins are various, Some ex Wehrmacht!



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So, Not sure what happened there.

I've been doing copy/paste from the slide show.

It seemed to work, But,

The first batch are now in an album.

So that could be why they disappeared?

The ones of the awning are still in the bucket.

So they survived overnight.

I've read the help thread but I'm obviously doing something wrong.

Sorry. Glad you like it so far though!


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Thanks Chaps. hope the pics stay this time.

So, What to put on the front?

Well, Obviously, A flight deck.



You can see the size by the ruler.

The boat itself is a shade under 2 feet long (About 58cm)

Early in construction it was about 4 inches longer, But the proportions looked wrong.

Then the flightdeck got painted


And now we need something to go onto the flightdeck.

Well I had this Flier from the Gundam universe.

A lovely little kit that almost clicked together (about nine quid from hlj)

A few mods (the fins are WW2 Luftwaffe) mad paint & I didn't like the

spindly U/C so installed Bell 47 style floats (Old droptanks)



The pic of it on the flightdeck didn't come out. I'll have to redo it.

The markings are all on the boat now.

She's a G class Cloud Clipper. Number 461. I'll show you next time.

Oh yes, Why Misfit? because it's neither entirely plastic or wood. Fish nor Fowl.


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Pete, excellent work. I am very impressed with your painting and weathering skills.

I love that fact that everything looks "right" and nothing looks out of place or "stuck on" - excellent - keep it up

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Thank you both.

Anthony, That was a lovely little build.

Hendie, In this type of build, I think form follows function.

The wheelhouse needs to be heated (chimney)

Cooled (A/C from various unrelated tank bits),

Lights, etc just followed in a logical order.

It helps having large spares boxes.

My Daughter gave me an Xmas gift of a box

containing all sorts of odds & ends.

One of which was an old Mascara.

That formed the basis for the engine.

(Which has a Kubelwagen fanbelt on it!)

Bits just seem to fit as if they were made for it at times!

Wait until I post the Maschinen Kreiger scratchbuilds.

Hopefully the pictures will stay here tonight.

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As promised, Here are a couple more pictures.

Now with markings revealed.


In front of the Tiger are the steering thrusters. Now those who don't know about these things might think they

were once signal lights from a model railway. Well how wrong are you?

You can also see the ladder. Now, What happens if you drop your lunch over the side? Or need to fix something?

This thing floats above the ground. Rope ladders are so inelegant. This one slides up & down.


And, If you're going to have a big cat. Have a BIG cat. G Class Cloud Clipper No 461.


BTW the boxes on the dock came from a very nice man in Belfast. Take a bow, Chris.


See that bracket in the green bit level with the wheelhouse? Watch this space to discover it's purpose.

Just behind that, You may have noticed half a Buccaneer missile & a Phantom Recce pod.


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Just discovered this highly imaginative and excellent build. This is a great diorama! I'm with Hendie, everything looks like it belongs together and is highly plausible. My hat is off to you. This is great. And, happy Father's Day.

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High praise indeed.

Thank You, George.

My Fathers day present was a couple of

1/20th Tamiya figures for a future Ma.k Build!

Of course, They are in England & I'm here, But....

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Hey Pete, hope thing aren't getting to hairy down there for you.

The build looks great. I love all the textures.

Nice boxes Chris.

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