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My first ever tank (Sherman 1/72)

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Even though I've been making models on and off since as far as I can remember, I've never made a tank. I went through a Humvee phase a few years ago but that's about it.

At the weekend I fancied taking a crack at one and ended up in Argos with some vouchers I got from work, hoping to get the Airfix Battle Front set (2 tanks and a diorama -another thing I've never done- seemed like a good start) however it wasn't available so that's ordered for later this week.

In the meantime I went into Boyes to see what they had and there were a few Airfix ones for about £7-£8. But next to them they had some from the 'Plastic soldier company' who I never heard of and there's not much on here about them either. But then again they're aimed more at the wargamer but at £11 for 3 Shermans I won't argue. I wasn't expecting much at worst it would be a cheap thing to fail at and bin, or end up like the infamous "British battle fighter" but as a tank.

However I'm quite impressed with them, they're only made up of a few parts and the fit is excellent and from my untrained eye it looks like a sherman.

This is the first one of three, while reading up I learned the British would team two shermans up with a firefly variant since the latter wasn't very effective against softer targets.

So here is the first of the myself and the plastic soldier company's 1/72 Shermans. I'll put the other two up when they're done, any tips on this would be helpful as I hope to get the re released Airfix D-Day 70 stuff and make something a bit larger (providing I don't cock up the battle front)

As an aside does anyone know where I may get some decals for the tanks, they lack any sort of markings and it's nagging me.

Thanks for looking




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Mike Starmer produces a series of transfer sheets for British Shermans, email [email protected]. Archer Decals produces a sheet for American ones. For advice on camouflage etc look at the MAFVA site, where Mike Starmer has an article on British Army schemes, but for Normandy they will have been either US Olive Drab or the slightly greener UK SCC15 Olive Drab. There is an immense range of information on line and in books on the Sherman. There are other sheets with Shermans on them, see the Bison range.

For 1/72 Shermans look to www.onthewaymodels.com, there's a much smaller choice in 1/76.

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As a lapsed wargamer -- though my copy of Kampfgruppe Normandy has been thumbed through a lot -- I have a certain fondness for PSC's offerings. If I could afford to support two hobbies...

The PSC M4 certainly looks a lot better than their M4A1 kits. :pipe:

What's wrong with their M4A1?

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Where do you want to start? :hmmm:


Hat's Armourfast range generally have respectable shape and scale (with some notable exceptions) and the Italeri QB range are OK too.....Personally I prefer Revell, MaCo & Dragon! :whistle::mental::yikes:

If you really want to see a good 1/72 QB kit, try S-Models (very respectable, include etched parts) or Zvezda (outstanding model engineering).....The QB option in the Trumpeter 1/72 IS-3 is pretty impressive too. :coolio:

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The PSC M4 certainly looks a lot better than their M4A1 kits. :pipe:

Since I had that in my hand at the same time I feel I've dodged a bullet, I was also tempted by the M5 halftrack with 40 (!) figures.

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The M5s are a bit clunky TBH and not strictly as advertised, like the old Airfix kit, they have some features of converted AA vehicles (nothing that can't be sorted out, but it would be hard work to get a dispaly quality finish from one).....If you can find them, the Italeri 1/72 QB M3 Halftracks are a much nicer kit. :nerd:

The Cromwell you have coming in the Airfix set is a very good next step.....Its a bit more detailed, a little better engineered and a lot more accurate (if you don't fit the hedge-cutter device), so you should enjoy it a lot. B)

Just about every 1/76 or 1/72 AFV kit (in any media) that's ever been made are listed here (most with pictures and many with links to reviews): http://henk.fox3000.com/index2.htm

Happy modelling.....Mind yer wallet! :lol:

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So I finally found time to get another one done, this time it's the Firefly. Not only that but I picked up their M5 Half Track, again 3 in the box with all the crew and troops for the back. So the Sherman production line was suspended while I put one together. Again no problems with fit, flash or construction, all of which was nice and simple for this newbie.

I also got the Airfix battlefront set, I'm going to use the base and forward post and have the vehicles driving down the road while the Paras look on. I'm also hoping to get something a bit bigger, I've just seen the Miniart figures and diorama accessories.

Anyway, enjoy and thanks for looking.






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Nicely done.



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very nice indeed.

regards oz!.

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