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P-51D-5, Nooky Booky II, 357th FG, 362nd FS, Capt Leonard "Kit" Carson

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I will be building the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D as Nooky Booky II, flown by Capt Leonard "Kit" Carson

Leonard Carson ended the war as the highest scoring Ace in the 357th Fighter Group, with 18.5 kills, 5 of which he claimed in one day, only the second 357th pilot to do this and the last.

This was first of Leonard Carson's two P-51D models, his fourth and final P-51 was a K model named Nook Booky IV, the original Nooky Booky, was a P-51B, this aircraft was lost in May of 1944 when being flown by Lt Roger Hilstead's

The P-51D G4-C, 44-13316 was delivered to the 8th Air Force on the 4th June 1944, and is believed to have been delivered to the 357th on the 7th June 1944 complete with full invasion marking's.

The aircraft was given the name Mildred, in an interview after the war neither Carson or his Crew Chief could remember where the name came from, but within a few days the name was change to Nooky Booky II

I will build this model to show Nooky Booky II after the 29th of July 1944 as this is the day Capt Carson claimed his 5 kill to become an Ace.

As there are no decals available for this aircraft, I am having a set of paint masks made by, Miracle Masks for this aircraft.





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Welcome to the GB.

That is very fine kit. I will watch this one with interest.


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This is what I have been working on since last Thursday

This only a representation of what is in the wheel bays and is done just to make it look more interesting

All of the wiring has been done with various sizes of lead wire

The color of the wheel bay is Chromate Yellow Primer FS33481, thou it does look a bit greenish in the photos

This was laid over a primer coat of Mr Surface thinned with lacquer thinner and pre-shaded with Matt Black

I still need to weather the bays, but will start this once everything is dry and I have laid down a coat of Future to seal everything





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That is looking excellent! The detail for the cockpit is first class and your subtle weathering really brings it to life.

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That looks lovely. Love the detailing.

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I'm wondering, as I was led to believe that the cockpit floor on WWII P-51Ds was either bare wood or green painted wood with the black paint not occurring until the Korean conflict....

Does someone want to correct me?

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No it was a black non slip coat.

The Korean war black repaint was the cockpit sides ie...the interior green cockpit walls.

Excellent job on Nooky Booky II ive thought about doing this one in 1/32 myself!

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