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Tamiya Chieftain converted into a MK11

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The paint wasn't very resistant to life was it Dan, faded quickly and could be easily marked if it brushed the vegetation.

Coming on nicely can you replicate an oil/dieselly stained boot print?😜

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Thank you chaps, I've almost done the recovery ropes, just some detail painting

required and another oil wash.


The issue here Is that I need to take off the skirts to fit them ! ooops, so if you are building one of these conversions

the fit them before the side skirts, as they wont fit otherwise.


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Weathering up of the recovery ropes and adding the OMD-80 drums, I still need to add the rubber strap

that holds the can in place, that will be done using painted Tamiya tape cut into a thin strip.




Used a graphite pencil to add more ware and tear around the hatch openings, you probably cant make it out in the photos but it looks good.





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I can look and admire and pick up as many tips as possible, looking terrific. I think my first build here will be total plagiarism of a master build. The like the real thing cast texture of the turret is good and shows up well.

Spartan sounds interesting had a cabbie in 3 Div's FAC baby in 1979 ish, spluttering, back firing Jag petrol engine then. looking forward to that and see a resin kit from scratch. I have my AA 43 in the stash but a quick look made feel nervous loads of likkle bits to get off the sprue........ somehow?

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Onto the diorama base, its just roughed out at the moment and will probably change.

Ikea picture frame, builds foam and that's it so far, foam is just hacked out wit a bread knife and a small sander used

to smooth it all over with, thinking of reducing the berm at the back a little, I might have a crack at a few trees for this one

so it will be first for me.




Stay tuned


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First layer of Das down on the mound, this forms the main layer of ground work, the flat

area will probably be a road at this point, this again might change?




This needs to dry before anything else.



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