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Hi Guys,

First post here from a long time lurker.

I built this Viper as a gift for my friends 40th, as I'm basically a wargamer (boo hiss etc.) it was my first time building something 'big' for many years.

As a result of being rusty the thing fought me all the way, but I'm happy with the end result.

It's personalised to him (pilots name and d.o.b. for the hull registry).


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That is one fantastic looking MkII Viper you have there. :speak_cool:

Fantastic bit of weathering you have thereā€¦ may have study this a bit more when I retrieve mine from the shelf of "rest"...

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Great detail with the tail fin number! I really like these kits, keep meaning to get another.

The bit you probably can't see in the pics is the pilots name is his, and his callsign is his favourite comic book character :)

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