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Revell 1:72 Bell AB 212 / UH-1N helicopter **COMPLETE**

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Hi Everyone,

With 2 out of my 3 part built kits nearly finished now, I am picking kits out of my stash to work on while I am off work.

The 1st one that I have selected is the Revell 1:72 Bell AB 212 / UH-1N helicopter.

The kit has the following features :
- Highly Detailed Surfaces
- Detailed Cockpit
- Detailed Passenger Cabin, choice of seats
- Rotating Rotor
- Detailed Main and Tail Rotors
- Separate Sliding Doors
- Engine Cowling's for the Twin Engine Version
- Antennae and Cable Cutters
- Missile Pods for the USAF Version

Decal Sets for the USAF and Civil Defence Versions:
- Bell 212, c/n 30879, D-HBZS, Christoph 12 , Luftrettung - Bundesministerium des Inneren, 2007
- Bell UH-1N, 69-16670, USAF, 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming, 2005

The kit contains 132 parts spread over 2 sprues in white plastic plus 1 clear sprue.

I will be building this kit as 69-16670, Bell UH-1N USAF.

Anyway here are photos of the sprues.



Anyway more photos when I have some progress to show.


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I bought this recently in order to try to finish my stalled bell 412 build (same kit just a few minor parts difference.... in fact i noticed they left the four bladed rotor head and blades in this kit!). my original 412 seemed to have a paint jinx... must have stripped that sucker 5 times now and it was starting to show. hope the fuselage from this kit with my original interior will go together well and not be so paint shy!

despite being an old kit with lots of history, its still pretty good. This kit is based on the Italeri 412 and its been released numerous times by both Italleri and Revell. I added a PE set (the bell 412 set but it would fit your 212 as well if needed.)

The parts are loosing some of their crispness now compared to my earlier Italleri boxing, but theyre still ok; beware the engine covers etc. i had to space them out with plasticard so theyd be flush with the rest of the sides of the fuselage. Also test fit the windscreen whilst gluing the roof to sides join or you can end up with it too narrow a hole for the windscreen to fit in. The roof windows are a pain!


Edited by Flying Badger

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I'm hooked...

I would not consider this one as an old kit - it appeared 1996 or 1997 for the first time. But this is not that important to know.

I built two of them (an AB-412 and a Bell 212 long years ago) and did not have any troubles with the upper cabin windows. Of course they will need test fitting and careful glue application. On the whole I would use something different as PVAC glue or clear fix for the transparent parts. The model is very prone to pressing the the clear parts into the cabin while handling the model.

As Flying Badger told, expect some fitting issues with the engine housing. Some people say that the problem will be solved with glueing the engine housing halves to the dfuselage halves instead of putting both components together seperately with already joined halves.

The pilot seats are in the Bell 412 style. http://www.whirlybirdmodels.com/ offers "Agusta-style seats for UH-1(2 off)" (item no. WBA72003) which are much more closer to that what's inside USAF UH-1N.

But the most exasperating issue are the completely messed up nose proportions. The upper surface od the nose is seriously too flat and the lower "bow" of the windscreen has to be much higer/curved. Anyway, this is almost impossible to correct, but there is a lttle and easy method to improve this issue at least a little bit: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=223508&view=findpost&p=2130397

Happy modeling!

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Hi Everyone,

I am now thinking about building this project even though I keep putting it aside.

I was surprised to see a UH-1 or similar in the musical my wife and I saw for our wedding anniversary yesterday, Miss Saigon.

The props department did an amazing job of making it, with rotating rotors, lights on the front and wind blast from the blades and everything. See picture.


Look for updates on this build soon.



Edited by Rickpadwick1801

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I have started painting and construction of this build.

I got the 1st 6 steps prepared yesterday evening ready for assembly.

Photo update when more progress has been made.


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Hi Everyone,

Here is the 1st update for this build, which is now well underway.

I have now so far completed stages 1 to 5 of this build. I am hoping to get some more work done over this coming weekend as I need as much progress as possible before the SciFi GB starts at the end of the next week.

Anyway here are the photos.

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stages 3 & 4


Stage 5


Thanks for looking.

More later.



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The landing skids and doors are installed.

The rocket pods, aerials,engine bays and rotor assemblies are painted ready for assembly.

Lots of photos later as I want this build complete and ready for decals by the end of today.


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Hi Everyone,

Here is the next update for this build. The aircraft is now ready for decals to be applied and then have its main rotor system applied to it once decals are complete.

Stage 13


Stage 14


Stage 15


Stage 16



Stage 17


Stage 18


Stage 19


Stage 20


Stage 21, 22 & 25 side 1


Stages 23,24 & 25 side 2


Stage 26


Stages 27 & 28


Stages 29 & 31


Stages 30 & 31


Stage 32


Assembled fuselage (main rotors not attached) Ready For Decals


For the majority of these photos the aircraft was a tail dragger for some unknown reason, but then I managed to get it to sit on its skids properly.

Look for a RFI thread soon.



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