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What If Battlestar Galatica Viper. RAF 74 Sqn.

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Greetings fellow modellers,

I present my what if viper, hope this is the right place for her.

Its a great kit (revel), painted using Ford Moondust silver & brush painted with humbrol enamels. Have added some scratch built extras, recce pod underneath, ball turret at rear under engines. Decals are from a lightning.

Hope you enjoy, as always comments are greatly welcomed.








Thanks for looking


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Brilliant work, how about doing a display team version!



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Great model, very imaginative scheme! :)

Who needs F35's when we've got this..............................I love it

The way the F35 is going, I think we'll be flying Vipers before it ever enters service! :D

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Isn't it amazing what you can do with a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

BIG BSG Fan - love what you've done with the Viper

RAF Viper F1A

It has no undercarriage wheels so, no brakes

If you have skids - apply sandpaper!!!

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