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Red Roo Website is on the Move

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Just a "heads up" to let you know that we are almost ready to move to our new website. This will probably happen around Australian Model Expo time in early June or just shortly after. Final testing and checks are being carried out now. The URL will remain the same but the site will have a bold new look. For the first time in our 20 years of trading we will have the ability to post multiple images of products, allow customers to manage their accounts, conduct multiple item sales and offer complete and secure transaction processing which will include postage charges in one operation. Postage charges will be accurately calculated using the Australia Post API which incorporates all classes of postage for both domestic and international shipping and included in the final charge.

Customers will be able to pay using their PayPal account or using a credit card through an eGate payment portal. Unfortunately because of the advances in technology we are unable to transfer the current list of newsletter subscribers to the new site so those wishing the receive the newsletter will need to register again. However, this is easily done as part of the checkout sequence or during the account creation sequence, as well as from the home page.

More news on this as we draw closer to the event.


Gary :thumbsup:

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