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Trumpeter P-47 "Raid Hot Mama"

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Thats a cracking Thunderbolt,.....love the scheme and it is beautifully built and painted,.....it looks stunning!

I`ll have a look at your build thread as I`ve got one of these myself to do as an RAF example!



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Thanks, Tony. There are only a couple issues to watch out for. As I'm wont to do I didn't document everything as nicely as I'd like...I get caught up and forget to snap pics...lol.

Things to note:

1. You don't need that whole internal trunking assembly.

2. Everything aft of the rear cylinder bank of the engine is unnecessary. You can't see it, the engine mount is dreadful..you can secure the assembly into the cowl if you like.

3. If you're going to close the gun access panels be weary because they don't sit flush with the wing top.

4. You're going to have a step at the underside wing root. Unavoidable as best as I can tell...thought it can be made less pronounced with some sanding.

5. Avoid kit decals...they do not settle and the stars-n-bars are inaccurate...if you care. :)

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