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Lotus Esprit Sport 300

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This kit was a joy to build in the beginning but as I got to the body it turned into frustration and anger. Anyway it is finished now but I am not pleased with the ride height and I managed to chip the paint.













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oooh... I thought you'd taken those pics on a ZX Spectrum for a second there... they resolved to nice and sharp in the end though. :) Very nice work, not to mention bright :coolio:

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Very smart. Do agree about the ride height though. What about a garage diorama? Very realistic on 2 counts:

1. Most Esprits of my acquaintance spent the bulk of their time in the garage

2. It would explain why the wheels are drooping!

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Yeah she's riding high but a pretty finished article nonetheless.

Does bring back memories for me but I think an Esprit will have to be replaced with an Elan til the kiddies are a bit older

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You are absolutely right.

I converted this kit 15 or 20 years ago into a V8. I still remember that this was the poorest and most incorrect Monogram kit I have ever built.

Considering all the shortcomings you did an excellent job.

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