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Roden Zeppelin Staaken 1:72


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Challenging kit - I still can not believe I dared :)

Whatever ....

First few shots

Let's get started


Two out of four engines




I'm not happy with the lozenge decals that are supplied with the kit. Thinking about printing my own 5 colour night lozenge decals. Test pattern prints




Dry fitting of engine assembly to nacelles


The /\-shaped stands seem too fragile and missing cowlings - thinking about replacing them with metal struts






Bombs. A lot of bombs. Each requires sanding and puttying


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My hat is off to you.

I do a lot of WW1 modeling with its rigging and struts and I admire you for building this kit. This aircraft has a forest of struts and miles of rigging wire.

It will look tremendous when you finish it. remember, the watchword is patience. I can tell you are going to do a great job because of the quality of work you have already done. I'm pulling for you.

Us WW1 modellers are all in this together.

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Great start! Roden kits have a reputation for having rather fragile strutting, so it might be wise to take hat into account from the start, especially considering the weight they are going to have to bear.


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Looking forward to following this. Great start by the way. I have the Vickers Vimy in my stash so I'm sure I'll learn much about how you tackle these birds.

Your not the only one Tomo, how many times have you pulled it out of the stash, thought that will look awesome built, then quietly put it away again! :winkgrin:

So maybe we need to combine our resources and opt for a buddy build?

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First of all congratulation for starting, I have the "brown" version of this which is terrifying, I have a Felixstowe as well and that is scary so I am with you all the way. Are you offering apprenticeships ?

Cheers Pat

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I wasn't going to follow this, just because WW1 stuff isn't really my thing. But then I scrolled down and saw the engine... WOW, this build is going to be amazing!! I'm pulling up a seat for this one!!!

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Thank you fellows for kind words - really inspiring!

Yes, Roden struts are notorious for their fragility, but the struts of this beast are the kings of all struts - thick and massive so I don't expect any problems with them. As a measure of last resort I have a set of Aeroclub profiles.

I'm not concerned about the amount of rigging (in fact, I usually enjoy the process) but this is my first German WW1 plane and it is lozenge is what makes me nervous. Partially because of that I decided to print my own lozenge decals - in this case I'm never short of it

Once completed there will be a mandatory shot alongside Vimy and Ilya Muromets to demonstrate different views on what a "heavy bomber" means

This scene is not yet complete


And finally - some progress


The pace is very slow as the number of details is big and the quality of moulding is not very good (but not bad either)

Question time - were there any seat belts?

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Good luck with getting the wings parallel ans square.

Thanks, I am a lucky owner of a magic tool for this purpose - Aeroclub biplane rig (this is not mine) :


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I would not worry about a slow pace. These builds take patience, and your builds above are certainly worth waiting for. Impressive rigging jig, look forward to seeing it in use. Got me thinking of building a poor man's copy from Meccano. By the way how do you create the wood effect?


I would be interested in a Vimy buddy build. It would have to be in a while, and for a while though. You could start a separate thread on the interwar forum for those interested.

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I use the following method to imitate wood

- apply base colour, usually "Radome" or "Flash"
- imitate texture using short hard brush and brown paint. I don't draw each line but rather use technique similar to dry brushing with little more paint
- once dried - airbrush with mixture of transparent red and yellow

Overall - just four paints

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This looks fantastic! Thanks for showing how you do the wood effect, I'll give it a go. I'll be watching how you do the rigging as it's something I've never done and as I have just bought a Roden kit of a Gotha IV, I feel it could benefit from having the rigging added.

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Usually I pre-drill holes where the ropes join the wings - blind-ended on the upper wing and through on the lower, all the rigging is done while the model is fixed in the rig, upper surface of the lower wing and lower surface of the top wing are pre-painted.


I use "GoldZack" elastic thread


Spill a small pool of liquid super-glue on flat surface (I use bottle cups), cut a piece of thread, briefly dip one end into the glue and insert into the hole on the upper wing. Once the glue is set run the remaining end through the hole in the lower wing and fix with a drop of super glue, then cut the excess of the thread. Once all the rigging is done take the model from the rig and sand lower surface of the lower wing (reminder - it was not painted). The glue used for thread fixing also acts as putty so the holes will not be visible at all once the paint is applied.


This time, however, I want to try another method - I have bought a set of etched loopholes


so I'm planning the following course of action: pre-drill holes for turn-buckles, apply base colour, decals (lozenge-lozenge), paint turn-buckles, glue them in, stretch wires. There is one thing to think about:




These triangular things are actually fabric covers, I haven't yet decided how to imitate them. I'm thinking of paper soaked in super glue.

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wow thats pretty amazing job so far.. and ilya muromets!? havent seen that plane for like 20 years! :)

the wooden parts looks great.. i saw few diferent techniques around BM and all are awesome, should give it a try one day :)

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The deck









The assembly instruction is not correct - the seats and controls must be raised as this aircraft had opened cockpit. Although not shown all the parts needed are on the sprues, I added some details to make the interior look "busy"

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