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Over here,Rickenbacker,s kite.

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Hi folks,built for the under a tenner GB,Revells ancient but very good Nieuport N28.I rigged it with stretched sprue(a first)

for £3:25 how much fun can you have with your clothes on? I could get hooked on these little Biplanes.Thanks for looking.SDC11313_zps416d64d9.jpgSDC11314_zps418966ef.jpgSDC11315_zps771551ec.jpgSDC11316_zps81104abc.jpgSDC11317_zps409c2105.jpg

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Sorry, Steve -

Nearly missed this one.

Cracking job, mate! These old Revell kits are not as bad as they first appear, and certainly good value for money.



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Thats really nice Steve,

You`ve done a great job there, the kit decals look to have improved since I built this one! I did one in 1/48th too and I know exactly what you mean about getting hooked,.....WW1 biplanes are so charismatic that they can be seriously addictive,....be warned!



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