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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Starter Set - 1:72 Airfix

Paul A H

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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Starter Set

1:72 Airfix


Although somewhat less glamorous than the Supermarine Spitfire, it was the Hawker Hurricane that proved to be the backbone of the UK's air defences during the summer of 1940. Designed in 1935, the Hurricane was relatively advanced compared to other fighters in service at that point. It featured a fully enclosed cockpit, retractable undercarriage, 8 303 inch machine guns, a powerful liquid-cooled V12 engine and, most importantly, a single cantilever wing as opposed to a biplane configuration.

Despite its modern appearance, the design and manufacturing techniques were thoroughly conventional. This proved useful when it came to manufacturing, as the aircraft was easy to produce, repair and maintain. Early Hurricane Mk.Is had fabric wings. This feature limited dive speeds, and so by 1940 they had been replaced with superior metal skinned versions. These made a dramatic improvement, increasing dive speeds by around 80mph. The Hurricane's first kill was achieved on 21st October 1939 when 46 Sqn found and attacked a squadron of Heinkel He115s over the North Sea.

I shan't write a lengthy review of this kit as my colleague Neil has already provided an excellent and thorough review which you can read here. The plastic is absolutely identical to that provided in this starter set. The only differences are the decals, the tiny pots of paint, the glue, the brush and the box!


The decals are for L1592 KW-Z of 615 Squadron, RAF Kenley, England, August 1940. This aircraft is finished in the disruptive Dark Earth and Dark Green scheme worn by the RAF's day fighters during the early part of the War. This particular aircraft features the later three-bladed propeller rather than the earlier two-bladed version.


They say that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and having built this kit from an earlier boxing, I can confirm that it is rather delicious. It builds without any serious issues, and looks excellent once complete. If you hanker after the decals provided with this set, or if you particularly want the tiny pots of paint and mini tube of glue, this comes highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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I made this kit a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed making it. I highly recommend it, it's a very good kit and fits together perfectly.

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