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Airfix 1/76 Bedford MW

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My effort:

Airfix Bedford MW 15cwt Tender, painted to represent a home-based RAF vehicle from mid-1942. Using Mike Starmer's guides the colours are Khaki-Green No3 base colour, with Nobels Tarmac No4 disruptive pattern to MTP20. Tyres were painted with a mix of Humbrol no21 satin black and Revel no67 tank grey.

After a coat of Microscale gloss to put the decals on, I finished with mattcote, then weathered, lightly, with artists pastels.

I added wing mirrors using brass wire and plasticard.



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@ Odd

Nope, that's the kit wheels! Airfix have put flats on all their newer kits :-) Even to the point of putting square pegs on the wheel stubs so you can put a slight turn on the front wheels, as well.

....Really adds to the realism doesn't it.

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It does indeed, it's very subtly done, which is why I asked if you'd done it yourself. I would have expected a manufacturer effort to be a little overdone but they've gotten it just right.

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Went together really well, the wheels have square pegs, so you get the flat in the right place, and put a turn on the front wheels if you want. So that gives you an idea of how well thought out the kit is.

You can't see in my pics, but the steps are an absolute masterpiece- basically three square sections about 1mm square seperated by 1mm gaps, a couple of minutes work with a file, to clean the flash off and they look stunning. It's a similar story for the rasied sides in the cargo body.

It would be dead easy to change it a bit to get the earlier aero-screen version.

Downsides? I'd have preferred the front bumper, brush guard and radiator cover to be separately moulded, and for some mirrors to be included but really I'm just being picky.

Very satisfying kit.

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good job all round' i like it.

regards oz!.

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