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1/35 - Airbus/Eurocopter SA.365N, HH-65C & AS.565 Dauphin/Dolphin/Panther & Harbin Z9 Haitun by Trumpeter - released - new Z-9WA boxing


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Seen on IPMS Philippines

Testshot Hobbyboss 35th Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin
24 Apr 2014

Hobbyboss / Trumpeter sends us the testshot of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin (aka Dolphin) in big 1:35th, this is a medium-weight multipurpose twin-engine helicopter by Aerospatiale, and later licensed manufactured by Eurocopter. Whats interesting is they also developed a Chinese variant Harbin Z-9.
The Chinese Harbin Z9 variant


- 05106 - SA.365N Dauphin II
- 05107 - HH-65C Dolphin
- 05108 - AS.565 Panther
- 05109 - Z-9WA Haitun




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Trumpeter produces good kits, quality above the average, but missed totally the shapes and the measures with the dauphin family. They think they can make all variants of the dauphin with only one kit. I would not be surprised to see a 365 n2 in red and white... :(

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Are you refering to the helicpter itself or Trumpys rendering of it? Im not truly aufait with the Dauphin but it looks ok as a kit to me..

I'm guessing the kit by the loads of replies in this thread.

I'm sure many like me will built it and be happy with it and/or correct the errors if they are to bad. Looks like one to me and the blades aren't to bad a fix?

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I can tell you i know the 365n3 very well and i'm referring to shapes and dimensions, not the quality of the kit. Take a photo of the 365n3/hh65c and put it next to the kit. There are a lot of inaccuracies (the fenestron is still the one with 11 blades, the rear landing gear tyres are wider than the front ones and so on...). The kitty hawk is by far the best kit.


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here we go again:

- wrong tyres size

- wrong winch size

- wrong main blades bending

- wrong nose shape

- wrong engine exhausts

- wrong tail vertical stabilizer angle ( you can notice it in the last two view, from above and below)

By the way this is the best of the three!


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