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Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon on the flight line...

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Hi folks:

I was going to defer posting this until Monday 28 April but I've come away to Bournemouth on the CWU annual conference and the hotel wi-fi has been a 'challenge' to get on to, so now I have a connection I'm not risking a gamble on Monday, so let's rock!

The Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon was unveiled at Telford last November. A while before this, I received contact from Chris Clifford at Airfix Model World, who said he had something that would be 'right up my street' and would I be interested? No details were given, so I did what you never do in the army and volunteered.

To my stunned amazement I found myself landed with the big Tiffie gig. A trip to Telford to see my plastic adversary was a must, so I wandered up on our first date and went a little wobbly at the knees (as you do in the first throes of love...). I had a bit of a chat to Sam, the designer, a disconcertingly youthful guy, full of charm and brimming with enthusiasm for 'his' baby, displayed in various stages of undress around the Airfix stand. "Can't wait to see the first one fully painted up!" he said to me at the close of our chat. 'You and me both' I thought.

Come the following January, two complete test shots landed at the modelling bunker ('just in case of catastrophe' - they obviously know me lol) and with instructions still outstanding, I did a little prep to ease things into first gear. What followed was the ten most mental modelling weeks of my life; 230+ steps shoe horned into a time frame that evaporated at Warp 10. The brief was 'full engine plus one gun bay open'. Given that the Tiffie has been produced to celebrate Airfix's 75th birthday and as a tie in to the 70th anniversary of D Day one felt just a touch of pressure.

An indication of its significance was sharply illustrated here on the Saturday it was displayed at Telford. Someone opened a thread to discuss it and post images. No surprise there. What was a surprise is that in the first 48 hours, such a post may attract circa 4-500 views and maybe 20-30 replies. The Tiffie topped 15,000 views and over 200 replies in the same time frame.

And now it's done. Normally you keep what you build for AMW. On this occasion Airfix have asked that it reside at the Hornby Visitor Centre in Margate and I'll be driving over with it some time in June I'm guessing, to exchange the built test shot for a full production kit.

I grew up on Airfix kits - the bagged ones with the card headers. I remember I would literally run to the shop on the green every Friday, pocket money tightly gripped in hand.

I’d then trot home with my prize and rapidly translate the parts into a Beaufighter that did sterling duty over the channel or a Mk IX Spitfire that knocked lumps off the 109G-6, that it routinely shot down innumerable times or anyone of more kits than memory can now recall. Happy days, steeped for the most part in Airfix plastic; although Frog, Revell and Monogram all made cameo appearances from time to time.

It makes me smile to think of what the small boy would have said to be told one day he'd get to play with the biggest Airfix gig in their 75 year history.

The model is scheduled to appear in a supplement I share with Tiffie expert Chris Thomas and I must thank him here for his kind assistance during the build - scheduled for the June issue of AMW, out next Thursday, 1 May 2014.

Pics follow but are spread over multiple posts, so please bear with me.

Happy days.





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Hadn't even thought about what Airfix's test shots would look like under a coat of paint. A first rate build of what appears to be an excellent kit; part of me thinks "roll on release date", the other half: "hmmmm have I got the modelling ability to do it justice."

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I was looking forward to June..... And now I cannot bloody well wait !!!

That is absolutely magnificent.. The text is a great read, however there is no need for words when the subject is that good..

Cheers.. And very very well done... Dave.

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I need this. And I only wish I can do 1/2 the justice to the actual kit you have done to the test shot. Beautiful model and beautiful build. Thank you for sharing. Now where can I pre-order?

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Stunning labour of love Steve,one to be very proud of! everything about this kit cries Quality and you have done it justice,If Airfix bring this kit in at

the right price and it sells well enough for them to consider other aircraft in this scale there will be a lot of happy modellers out there!

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Absolutely stunning build Steve, and the surface detail looks sublime. Take that "the-real-a/c-had-lapped-panels-so-raised panel-lines-are-correct" crowd

Cant wait to get hold of this one. Lovely build and finishing Steve, will be buying the mag to read



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Has to be the best large scale model I have ever viewed,superb.

I was going to resist buying this one for a while but what the hell,

Pre ordered form Ehattons for £80 bargain.

Thanks for posting

Rick G

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