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Static Grass Applicator


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My latest project, a nice 12V static grass applicator.

Dead easy to make, you need a few items :-

A resealable container... small one cost 40p and the large one cost 90p

Handle was made from an old table, real quality table made with ABS plastic legs which were cut up.

Switch was a Futaba RC switch.

Power supply, borrowed from a Netgear router. It was broken . Honest.

12 Volt DC Negitive Ion generator, this was give to me by Nick off the forum, I'm not sure how much it cost but I think you can buy them online for a few pounds.

Fine mesh colander, cost £2 not fitted yet.

Untested at the moment, i'm waiting on some crocodile clips to be delivered, one to attach to the mesh and one to the earth wire, hopefully tomorrow they will turn up so i'll give you a full report once done.









Fingers crossed that it will work and I don't frag myself :winkgrin: I'll keep you updated on how it works. I've seen some of these units sell for crazy money (£130) so hopefully I'll save a few quid.



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