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USS Arizona detail sets. 1:200

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USS Arizona detail sets

Eduard 1:200


It’s been quite a while since the Trumpeter 1:200 USS Arizona was released and there have been some terrific builds seen here on Britmodeller and at shows, usually using another manufacturers aftermarket parts. Eduard seem to have been a bit slow with their additions to the Arizona aftermarket scene, and have only just released the first three sets for the ship. Each set comes in their large zip lock style packaging and includes are single large sheet of relief etched brass. The design and detail are well up to the usual standard we have come to expect from Eduard and the instructions seem quite a bit better, in that they are clear and easier to read than their normal fare. Some parts of the kits details will need to be removed before the etched parts can be added.

Part 1- (53-099) is designed to add detail to the ships cranes, but also includes quite a few new parts for other areas of the ship. To begin with the main turret barbettes have new armoured rings attached to the top of each mounting. These will need to be carefully rolled to shape before the fixing struts are folded in and affixed to the mounting. The turrets themselves receive new turret roofs, railings, mantle opening surrounds, ladders, rangefinder doors and tampions that look like they will need special care in shaping and gluing. The funnel receives new hand and foot rails around the funnel top, plus new railings, guards and window frames for a number of the platforms.


The crane jibs utilise the kit parts which are then clad top and bottom with etched sheets. The upper sheet also has the railings included thus making them easier to fit as one unit rather than faff around trying to fit a separate set of railings. The each side of the jib are fitted with three extra plates whilst the styrene cable roller housings on top are removed and replaced. The crane hooks are all new and include two sizes of hook and their respective cable wheels. Lastly the king post is fitted out with new vertical ladders and railings around the platform top.


Part 2- (53-100) is designed to almost completely replace the ships catapults and uses only very few of the kits detail parts. Not only will the modeller be required to carefully fold each and every part in this set to shape, they will also need to add some styrene rod from their own supplies. Each catapult starts off with the main frame and track. To these, the cable wheels, accumulators, railings and control boxes are all attached. The quarterdeck/fantail catapults turntable is taken from the kit and further details added. The set also comes with separate launch cradles for the kit aircraft to sit upon and in the case of the turret catapult the additional support structure and access ladder for fitting to X turrets roof.

The kits Kingfisher aircraft will need to have surgery to remove the pilots and observers canopies and the inside of the fuselage thinned down. These need to be done to accept the internal cockpit structures, which include the rear machine gun, shoulder height shelf and mounting rail, instrument panel, cockpit tub and seat. Externally the aircraft receive new float cross bracing and struts, ignition harness for the engine, access ladder, plus the aerial mast and weapons pylon.



Part 3 – (53-104), contains details for the ships lifeboats and is pretty comprehensive even though it’s all contained on just one sheet. The motor boats receive a new grating for the central open deck which also includes a new steering console, steering wheel, gear stick, hand rails and railing bow and stern. The complex cradles and their respective support will look really good when assembled. The rowing boats are fitted with new railings to the rear, bitts, hawse pipes, oars, and tillers. Once completed, the boats can be mounted to their new cradles, which are also provided. The details are very well done and they really make the lifeboats stand out, rather than being overshadowed by the rest of the ship. A nice touch is the inclusion of the two main accommodation ladder and its upper and lower platforms. There is another platform that the instructions call to be fitted adjacent to B turret on the starboard side, which I can only presume to be some sort of lookout point for when navigating in harbour.



So the first three sets out of how many? If the 1:200 Bismarck is anything to go by we should expect quite a few. The details included are excellent, the instructions are easy to follow and they should help transform the standard kit, but I just can’t help feel Eduard have missed the boat so to speak. The kit has been out quite a while now and the other manufacturers got their sets out soon after release so I’d imagine there are quite a few kits in stashes already paired up with etch etc. Still, I guess it allows more choice for the discerning maritime modeller.

Highly recommended

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