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Finally getting around to posting this build which I've been working on for about a month on and off. All being well it should be completed by the deadline for this GB.

Thoughts on the kit: I'm pretty happy with it all said. The detail is refined and crisp, the resin adds a certain something, and it goes together well for a limited run kit. The only bits that I've had significant trouble with have been fitting the tub to the fuselage and installing the instrument panel, both of which were probably my fault. For reasons best known to myself I decided to try to force the fuselage together as I found the cockpit floor seemed to be a bit wide, and I ended up with horrendous cracking all the way up one side of the fuselage. I stabilised this with some CA and made good with filler and you can't see anything now so all's well that ends well. The other problem was the instrument panel, I think I fitted it at the wrong stage and really struggled to get it into the cockpit. I ended up having to shave bits off the edges to get it to sit right, it's still not great but passes casual inspection. I realise that the panel is incorrect for a T5 but I'm not too fussed as the canopy with be closed.










I've just sprayed the intakes and will be fitting them next. After that, it's decalling and adding aerials etc.



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Thanks guys. Had a big push tonight and I'm calling this one done.




And along with the rest of the boys:


Apologies for the not terribly good photos, I'm a bit fried tonight.

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That's a beautifully finished Provost, one to be really proud of (along with the rest of your impressive collection!)


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Thanks all. Red is by tamiya, shininess is down to good priming with tamiya fine surface primer and then a mix of tamiya flat paints with tamiya gloss clear and cellulose thinner. The surfaces then had a small amount of buffing to bring out the gleam.

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