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Eastern Express 737 Classics

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Does anyone have any experience with EE's classic line of 737s? I know that the best kits are made by DACO, but I can't afford to buy a bunch of all the different series. I would like to hear the opinion of those who actually have this kit or are working on one.

Thanks in advance.

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But Peter, have you found a [really] cheap source for Eastern Express 737s?

I see Dany has his announced at under 25 EUR apiece which wouldn't be much more expensive than the EE Boeings. I also have a budget [and storage space] issue, but owning examples from both manufacturers, I plan on replacing my couple of EE 737s as soon as the new batch of DACO kits becomes available.

I would say that except for a price difference of more than 35-40%, it is not worth trading in all the qualities of the DACO kits.




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You are right Niki, the difference in quality is much bigger, than the difference in price. I was really looking forward to the second run of the DACO kits, I just thought they'd be a bit cheaper. I've never seen one in the flesh, but heard they were great kits. 25EUR sounds friendly, though Hannants listed them for 25GBP, which is not that great especially with p&p to Hungary. I've recently ordered a pack of three Revell 738s for about the same price, including shipping from Germany... I'll see if I can order them straight from Dany.

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I'll see if I can order them straight from Dany.

Yes you can and it's what I'll be doing. Sorry Hannants but EUR 24.75 = GBP 20.32 or so, not GBP 25. Danny even offers discount for bulk buying - 5+ kits are EUR 23.50 each and 10+ are EUR 22.50, if you have the necessary storage space! I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that he used to offer kits without boxes to reduce postage. I think he also offered the choice of having the kits posted from the Netherlands. It took longer than posting direct from Belgium but it was cheaper.

I must have built the DACO 737 more than a dozen times (I'm working on a Sky Airlines 734 as we speak) and it really is worth waiting and saving up for. It isn't perfect but as long as it's on the market I wouldn't consider EE or anything else.

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