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ExtraTech XB-70 etch parts 1:72


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I did it again.

I bought one of these expensive ExtraTech pig-in-a-poke aftermarket stuff. This time for the AMT/Italeri XB-70 Valkyrie. "Pig in a poke" because it is next to impossible to get any information of what detail enhancements the ExtraTech sets provide. I had the same issue with their Concorde set (reviewed here:http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949458-concorde-etch-set-172-extratech/) before but as I was rather pleased with this I waited for a good opportunity to get the XB-70 set as well.

Here we go:

Included are these two pieces of etch sheets:



The instruction sheet is two pages of rather simple copy paper:



As you can see the following areas are addressed:

- intake

- exhaust area (only inside detail - but no exhaust cones - the kit ones are poorly detailed and too small)

- under carriage

- U/C doors

- wheels

- various vents

Edit: What I miss here are the various antennas of the XB-70 and what would have been very nice: A windscreen frame (under the visor similar to the Concorde - the windscreen is missing in the kit) and a visor frame, so the clear parts could be added with clear sheet.

Armory also offers an etch set for the Valkyrie (reviewed here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234938609-xb-70-valkyrie-172-exhausts-by-armory/?hl=valkyrie) which includes new exhaust cones (which really make a different!), various vents (same as the ExtraTech set, so you will have some double if you buy both sets) and the lightend "end plate" above the exhausts (again this is the same part included in the Extratech set).

If you want to dress up your Valkyrie I can recomment the Armory set noted above and only suggest the ExtraTech set as a second set which will add further less obvious (than the exhaust cones and vents) details. As the Extratech set is rather expensive (IMHO the price is 50% too high compared with other offerings from other manufacturers) for what additional details you get only die-hard Valkyrie maniacs will probably buy this. But for these I can recomment it :-)


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Thanks for sharing this info Rene !

The set looks quite good, but I have a feeling that some of the parts can be made easily enough with plastic...

Have to say that while these sets are expensive, I've seen the kit being sold at very low prices, down to £15. In this case the low cost of the kit would allow more money to be spent on aftermarket bits... now I wonder, apart from Armory's exhausts, is there any other option for this area ? Any resin ?

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Hi Giorgio,

I do not think I would find it easy to make the provided detail from scratch but you are right concering the kit prices. I bought the fist XB-70 when it came out from AMT and after rescribing and some assembly I stoped the build when I could not find a solution for the poor exhausts. Then came Armory and then the Italeri kits were sold for chips. So I got two Armory sets and a bought second XB-70 for just 15 Eur. My plan is to do one in flight and one on the ground. I further plan to do the second XB-70 AV-2 which includes major surgery on the wing roots :shutup: - but if this fails I have still one kit in stash to do AV-1 :coolio:

Apart from the two etch sets there is only the white metal U/C set from Scale Aircraft Conversions. There is no resin set that I know of.


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