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Sukhoi Su-2 M-88B Zvezda/Vector1/48

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Hi everyone!
I want to present you several new models of soviet aircraft. First will be the new "Zvezda" kit - Su-2 bomber. It`s a nice kit, but it needs some
work on the mistakes. Also i use Vector resin conversion sets and make M-88B modification and wheels from ZIP. I do not dwell on assembly process, but you can see it on some photos. Some parts in cockpit and wheel bays were added and modified. I made the lower turret, scribed some new panel lines and so on.

As a prototype I chose an airplane from the 288 bomd sqadron, which was depicted on the newsreels in winter of 1941-1942. That plane had very interesting paintscheme with traces of removed winter paint. I used hair-spray technique to make it on the model.



t_dd47406b58ad3a93dfe5b61b6de58a0e.jpg t_45ac7334d5ef36352d85ec1b90659eba.jpg t_3a302d86aed5f350c2ba537ac3dd03bd.jpg t_03ff218a1dc6b783ac9ccbd18764a683.jpg t_3d810b018a79becdcdd79f7cd37d1df9.jpg t_b7f60c395c8ecb4685fc84846a2c4c49.jpg t_8dcb295955101ff900f386f74a5c2695.jpg t_c3953ccc00cd5816ad3a2de81111e552.jpg t_f07c086bbd369f96218517c3b4ecafe3.jpg t_7b7d095c59c1373cbed826fab1fec95b.jpg t_26d8595a49a3eb36213311d08ad28a88.jpg t_6e3b058a5b9f5711bee1a076495aa65f.jpg t_3e9b06499458a85b99b5f271e3418a05.jpgt_e29f63a8774e29f0e7f7e0a5aaca4bd4.jpg t_4656e561f87525c4414d87014b1c1d1e.jpg
t_b91d336ba324d7365bf42bce153cfcef.jpg t_41ba680c0c9fa520ee416db5945816b0.jpg t_836e973b5c2fb0eb75af983a1fe418d8.jpg t_73626f5647a3630031c6bb4a66cd66df.jpg

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Very realistic and logically true. Congratulations again, Ivan. This is a new step in your evolution as a great modeller! I still have to learn the winter camouflage. Yesterday I learned that you said "hairspray technology" is absolutely identical to use the "Heavy chipping liquid" from AK.

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- You have done a terrific job, I built and posted mine a few days ago , I know the difficulties you may have met, my main problem was the turret. I opened too and more generaly with all the transparencies . I saw a panel engraved under the fuselage I didn't it was for an under fuselage defensive position, your model is truly excellent........

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Thanks for all the feedback!

IPMS19 (sorry, I don`t know your name), I saw your model, and it is very nice. I too had problems with turret - it was impossible to make it closed. But it is my mistake because I saw many models with closed turret. About under fuselage defensive position - I took information from this photos and schemes.

t_545be52c48969e3c2518b581c367325f.jpg t_89c8682d0036b4b1866ba21e5ae6c650.jpg t_f0dff2e7571d055f0b4104464cd293aa.jpg


It will be interestin to see the result. I can give you some information about SU-2 that migth be useful to build this kit.


Su-2 looks similar with many WWII light bombers. For example like slim Avenger :D

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