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SH72164 (E)A-1E/F Skyraider


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Only a small foretaste of things to come - 1/72nd scale "Spad". The engine baffles are either open or closed, kits will contain large variety of extrnal armament, there will be Navy as well as USAF versions. And of course several various radomes and canopy covers. Detailed resin parts for the cockpits will also cover several different versions of the plane.

centre section of the fuselage plus various antenae and tailwheels:
Naval and AF wheel discs:
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If I could make a request however. Could you consider making some of the earlier Skyraider models, like the AD-1 to AD-5 series, as well as the electronic warfare variants? Currently they are nearly impossible to make, even from the hasegawa kit, and it would be awesome if we could have an new, OOB kit of them.


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Dear Petr,

A new company called Skale Wings has recently announced the release of the 1/72 scale AD-5W Skyraider.

Basing on available pictures their model seems to be a good one.

But that is only one variant, whereas you (Special Hobby) have mentioned before an intention to release the full range of "wide-body" Skyraiders.

Could you possibly tell us something about your (Special Hobby's) progress on this particular kit?

We haven't heard anything from you since April 2014.

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Petr, thank you very much for responding.

I still hope that your Skyraider is released.

If it is accurate, and if it includes (as you have hinted before) various options and weapons, then I will definetely buy a Special Hobby kit, regardless of how its price compares to competitors.

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