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This is a collection of all the small scale models myself and David (the husband) have built so far. These were all pretty hard to photograph being so small so i hope you don't mind my less than perfect photography skills (plus I should have dusted a couple first!)

Lets begin with the Eduard spitfire, made by David. It was painted using alcad and tamiya acrylics. This model goes together like a dream and wing of this aircraft is phenomenally thin!





Next up is the Stuka. This is the older eduard boxing with the snake (I presume the one coming out soon is the same kit just with different decals). This was also a great fit, although the photoetch and the flaps on the wings were fiddly and required a little bit of an extra file to make sure that they were staying put. The splotches on the undercarriage legs are done freehand.




More to come....

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I forgot to mention the thin wire is one of my hairs, and I made that one.

Next up we have one of my models again the revell starfighter (spot the glaring error!). This was my first 1/144 scale model that I built, it was another one of those excellent fits, apart from the fuel tanks which don't like to stay put.


Right, next we have another of David's models a Sweet kits model of the Wildcat. Again this was great to build with no need of any filler or fettling.



Next in line is my 1/200 scale flying flea, it's made by Helmet Models, I picked this up a few years ago at Cosford model show. It really is absolutely tiny!


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Next I think i'll throw in a non-aircraft model, the trumpeter LCAC in 1/144 scale made by me. The vinyl skirt was an absolute pain.





Next i'll display the A-model Canberra in 144, This was built by David and was quite a tough one, it needed a lot of work and filler to get it together so it's not a quick build like the rest. David did a great job on this one and it's one of my favorites.




Next up, another one of David's the Ju52 from eduard. He decided not to use the snake decal, because of the ribbing so he made up a mask instead and sprayed it on.





more on it's way.....

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Next up, one of David's models, the Sweet kits Hurricane, again a pleasure to build.



Now to some even smaller models, again built by David, a 1/350 scale hellcat and helldiver. these were really fiddly because of their size.


Next to last we have my eduard Me 262. this went together nice and quickly, the mottle pattern was airbrushed freehand.





Last of all we have the Cyber Hobby 1/200 scale Vulcan, this model was quite gappy around the join of the two halves so i had to spend a bit of time on it, plus the legs are really fragile and I had trouble fitting them as I accidentally cut off a little too much material, but it worked out OK in the end.





Well that's all from me for now, I hope you enjoy looking at our entire small scale collection we've built up between us!

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Love that Wildcat, what a nice scheme! I haven't seen that before, and thanks for posting all of them.

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I think your Helldiver is actually a Corsair though.... :winkgrin:

Oops, yes you're correct, my error. That wasn't even close was it! I'm hoping I got the rest right though.

It was quite a process getting them all resized on photobucket, that kind of thing takes an age! It's worth the while though to get such nice comments backs so thanks to all of you :D

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That's a cracking set of models there they are all wonderful. What is the tiny one smaller than the brush head thats amazing. !

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That is a very impressive collection!

You have some very nice little models there :goodjob:

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These are fantastic! And best of all, you can keep your collection in such a small space!

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