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Polar Lights 1/350 USS Enterprise Refit

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Well after over a year in the making, im calling this one finially done (well until I decide to tinker with her again!)
Ive build about half a dozen other kits since starting this one, but at long last I got around to finishing her! (and just im time for a model show tomorrow, which may or may not have been the kick up the backside I needed to finish her!!)

Anyway enough of this chit chat! Here she blows..











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There was a LOT of masking in this one! ..and to be honest there were quite a few corners I cut aswell just to save on the time! Spent most of the time putting the aztec masks on and taking them off than the actual painting process. Colour wise it was given an undercoat of white then titanium pearlescent which I loved but decided was slightly too dark (I kept it for the base though) then went for 2 shades of metallic silver from the local car shop (after trying out about half a dozen various colours from online and in model/car shops) The aim was to go for something that was similar to the screen correct colour rather than the correct colour of the filming model which is closer to white than anything.

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