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Victory 1/100 Heller with Dafi detail etching.


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Hi Foxy

I spent a good 3 or 4 hours over the weekend poking my nose in and out of my Heller Victory instructions when time permitted - when it comes to the rigging section I felt it was like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics but I am determined to build this kit and not give in.

I may choose to build mine set as a diorama without the copper hull on show with my compliment of crew or in Portsmounth's dry dock no2 without her sails.

looking forward to seeing some more pictures of yours soon - John

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Thanks Jim and John. well Jim hope to finish before six years lol :winkgrin: .

AS for the rigging instructions, you are right John, its like a mine field.

I do however have a books on rigging which will help me when I get to that stage.

Maybe you could go down that road(amazon or some such) The standing rigging is the easier of the two.

I will be doing the standing first and then the running rigging.

I hope to get some help with the sails, my Mem Sihib on her sawing machine or a friend who enjoys that sort of thing.

foxy :coolio:

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Well made some progress with a picture of the Captains quarters, have since taken this picture added doors to the stool and other smaller items.


Then its closed up.
Finished the lanterns for the stern, will add later.

Added some items all ready built.


Then it was the rigging, made up some heart blocks and attached to the bowsprit, this for the preventer stay's to fore and main masts.




foxy :coolio:

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Certainly looks very good Frank, :goodjob: Nepran Longridge didn't really clarify what the preventer stay was preventing :wicked::hmmm: A nice reference book though, bought along with my Heller "Oh my God it's big " HMS Victory. Too scared now to build it :whistle:

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no day would be the same now without an early morning check-in to see how you are getting on there HMS Foxy.

I spent last night going through my collection of Victory books and now have a more confident idea of what lies ahead.

Another niggling problem is that HMS Wifey has advised self-preservation caution towards any further investment on this kit due to the price of the kit - I am going to have to sell off some of my stash in order to raise funds for that great resin and photo etch assembly you are using.

Anyway... Carry On Rigging or should I say "Keep Calm and Rig On.." ! :thumbsup2:

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Cheers folks.

As for the rigging, I to am looking fore ward to this, but there are other things needing sorting first, but getting there faster than I thought.

Cheers Mike.' Yep', have that and some others, not sure if I did not give out near start to the books I am using.

If not will give a clearer picture of them .

Well like I said there are some things need sorting before I concentrate on the rigging proper.

Two of these I have done.

Some pictures of the Draught marks, these from Dafis etched set and his very nice hints and tips.

First the stern.




Some finishing for these and job done.

The channels I placed and now need to set proper, then its the deadeye's and chains.

Did some cleaning up the hull today as well and added varies eyelets for rigging later.

Some pictures of the overall.




With all the hatch's now done this is beginning to take shape.

'OH' masts all fixed in position.

foxy :coolio:

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Cheers GS :winkgrin: .
Well had a good day today, with a little rain to start the day and then turning hot again, gave me an excuse to do some more to the ship.

The crest was my next project, having made this up but not added the latin words to the main flow of the bow,I fixed and with only a couple of losses made it.

With a little help from Dafis hints and tips.

Applied the lettering, as i said only two missing letters, but there are plenty to cover the loss on the fret.

Next it was the two nymphs that adorn the port and starboard of the crest.


Went with no hitch, did add another piece of plastic support to the rear of the crest.

Next I have started on the Driver Boom by adding parrals to the rear, this holds and allows free movement of the boom.
Made from lead weights which I opened and added some cv to secure,'worked a treat'.


Did the Gaff also but at this stage left it loose, being there are many blocks etc to join up later.

Then it was on to the channels, did one row of the dead eyes, these again are from Dafis etched sets.


Thanks folks for being interested, its nice to know. :thumbsup:

foxy :coolio:

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Thanks guy's.

Well its been another fruitfull day, with all the deadeye's in place on the channels.

What with the wonderfull weather and taking the dog for her work, I still managed to do some work.

Had a problem with the top deadeye's for the shrouds, but managed to figure out a way.

Another problem solved is the Mem Sihib has a friend to do the sails for me.

I have cut out the Heller plastic one's and they will be used as a template for the cloth one's.

I will still have to work on these with the blocks etc, hard work ai'nt it.

'Nice to have friends'.

More soon shipmates.

Foxy :coolio:

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Can you please hurry up with the shrouds so i can learn how they are done, cheers :popcorn:

Edited by Stuck
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Hi Stuck shipmate.

Well to hurry would spoil the build.

I have only built the smaller sailing ships of the Air Fix type, they had ready made shrouds, and the latest Victory in 1/150 I used Scale warship PE shrouds.

Not having done the larger one's its a very nice change to do as the shipwrights did in the old days of building sailing ships.

I have learnt from many sources about the rigging and how they have gone about this, so bear with me on my build, as I am only following those who have more experience than I.

IE:- Books and pictures.

First on my build I have made up the dead eye's, the channel one's are on and next its the chains.

The dead eyes I am using are the Heller ones with Dafi's etched set.

I will be roping the shrouds from the mast first and letting the ropes fall then fix to the top dead eye and then rope the two dead eye's together, then make taunt. That's the plan.

Each rope at the mast will be done in sequence, two to port and two to starboard so they sit on top of each other these will be seized together at the mast .

From what I have gathered this has to be done before any other rigging can take place as the yards/preventer stay ropes all go over the shrouds.

Hope this helps you in your build.

I assume its a larger ship you are building.

Frank :coolio:

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I have got quite a lot of work to do on the Endeavour before I ever get to the riging stage, so I would not want you to rush anything just for me :shutup: .But while I am working on bits that I am familiar with,it is best to start learning now, so have been watching a few tutorials on Utube and this guy does seem to know his stuff.

Whether or not to build the shrouds in place or not does confuse me a little, I will be following what you do with great interest :pipe:

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Looking foreward for your pics Frank,

but do not forget the side tackles - they come first :-)


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Do not understand side tackles Daniel, if you mean the chains for the DE, well am doing them first, and have to admit this has been the hardest so far.

Cheers Stuck and Dan. :thumbsup2:

As for the shrouds, I will be doing them on the ship and NOT off with a measurement contraption.

These are the top DEs, have banded with rope and seized up.

Some I did earlier, need 47 large and 18 smaller DEs.

Once the chains are sorted,(these are the hardest items yet), but look good once secured.
Will show pictures later, once I have at least one side done.
I must say that Daniels etched one's and his instructions for them are a real treat, but very great care is needed.


Foxy :coolio:

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