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Hi all,

I have been working hard on our house since the move but I have found the time to squeeze in a few small projects here and there. A failed attempt at a train (lost bits during the move), a couple of Battlestar Viper models that I enjoyed and then this…the RMS Titanic 1/700 from Revell.

Overall I really enjoyed the build, not too many issues to sort. A bit fiddly in places and the transfers went all silver on me (against the black) – if anyone has any ideas on this please let me know!

For your enjoyment.







Thanks for looking.


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Very nice Leigh, must have seemed like a breeze after your Bismarck!

Was it matt or gloss paint under the decals? Matt tends to cause silvering.

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Good neat build and tidy paint job. :thumbsup2:

That 1/700 titanic looks better than their older 1/570 scale version; a token sheet of photoetch (Trumpeter style) for optional compass platform and cranes would make it a top kit.


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