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HMS Hero Detail Set. 1:500


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HMS Hero Detail Set

1/500 Atlantic Models


Even though a model has been on the market for some considerable time, there is still a need for some to superdetail it. This is particularly so for the Frog/Novo 1/500 HMS Hero, which whilst it hasn’t been in production for some considerable time, I’d imagine there are a few snuck away in stashes across the globe. Well, now’s the time to dig them out and get building as Peter Hall has released this etched brass sheet of detail parts to bring it bang up to date with some super fine detail.

Detail set ATEM 17: As stated above this detail set comes on a single sheet of etched brass that is somewhat sturdier than the miscellaneous sets reviewed here, yet still very fine and foldable. Relief etching has been used where necessary which helps give some depth to the parts. Along with the standard fittings, such as railings, vertical ladders, inclined ladders, and anchor chain, there are loads of more specific items on the sheet. Each gun turret receives a complete replacement shield plus B and X turrets can be fitted with the flare rocket rails. New quad machine gun mounts are included as are new depth charge throwers, which will require a piece of 20thou rod to be used to represent the depth charge. The AA gun platform has new supports for the side wings and the rear section and there is a replacement depth charge rack and TSDS stern gantry for the quarterdeck. Additional details for around the depth charge racks are the loading davits and TSDS winches. Also included are a new 4” AA gun and platform, Type 286 radar array, Type 285 Yagi array, bridge rangefinder platform, bridge wing support structures, semaphore arms, bridge windscreen and optional bridge canopy. The foremast receives new yard arms, whilst optional main masts are provided with additional supports and, in the case of the early fitment, a new HF/DF array. Not only do you get diagrams to show where parts are placed, but a very useful written narrative, showing how other items are scratchbuilt for the etched parts to be fitted to. The ships boats are fitted with a complete set of oars, thwarts/gunwales, and a new rudder, these can then be attached to the new davits which include downhauls. Finally there is a new accomodation ladder for those modellers that would like to build the ship in a diorama setting.



This is yet another brilliant and very useful sheet of etched brass. It doesn’t appear to be overly complex so should be good for a beginner to etch work, with the plus side of bringing an old model up to date with the sort of detail it deserves.

Highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of logo.gif

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