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Miscelaneous sets, 1:600/1:700


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Miscellaneous items

1/700 Atlantic Models


Sometimes, when building a model there are items that you’d love to add that extra bit of detail without having to go to the expense of buying a full set for which you’d only use a few parts. Well Peter Hall at Atlantic Models has thought of that, and released these two sets of etched brass just for those occasions. Both sheets are quite small due mainly to the scale, but they provide enough parts to detail a whole ship.

Ratlines ATEM 06: This single sheet set gives the modeller exactly what it says on the tin, a set of sixteen thin brass ratlines to detail your latest windjammer creation. There are six paired sizes provided with two sizes having four pairs so you should be able to have the correct length for the different sections of the masts. The packet actually states they can be used for both 1:600 and 1:700 scales which makes them even more useful.


Railings ATEM 08: Another single sheet set, but this one contains some incredibly fine railings for use with pre-dreadnought era ships. There are three styles provided with between six and seven lengths per style. More than enough to fit out a medium sized model.


These are a great pair of very useful sets for the 1/700 scale modeller. As usual they have been beautifully designed and etched although the brass used is very thin, so care will need to be taken when bending and fitting.

Highly recommended

Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of logo.gif

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